Living in Paradise…

For 6 years we lived the life of grey nomads wandering around Australia in Matilda a Toyota pop-top camper van, or as Jack called her, the sardine can. I documented our travels from 2010 to 2014 on a blog called “Gypsy Life”.


Occasionally we would have visitors for afternoon tea.Occasionally we would have unusual visitors for afternoon tea

For the next 2 years 2014 to 2016  we did house sits in many parts of Australia meeting interesting people and loving this wide, brown land.  I continued blogging. We knew that Australia was the only place we wanted to live. Life was free and easy. But as we grew older it was time to come home and settle down to a sedentary lifestyle.

Now my  wandering, gypsy lifestyle is over I thought it appropriate to start a new blog. So here it is “Living in Paradise”.



 So after a years “art sabbatical” I am now back in the blogosphere fold. Previously I was a rather obsessive blogger, doing a post almost every day, actually having 2 blogs “Gypsy Life” and “Memories are made of this”. The memories blog being more for doing various challenges out there and looking back through my photo archives and past experiences. I always had my camera hanging on my shoulder, I would look at the world around me and think about how I could document it in my blog. My activities revolved around finding time to blog…

So I took time out, I put my camera away, intending it to be a few months and suddenly a year had flown by…

It was quite liberating.

Now I feel the urge to start blogging again. But not every day! (Or so I say now!). During the past year I have been absorbed in art. Continued to love working in my garden.


Occasionally even having short trips away.

I do hope you would like to join me. I will show you around the Gold Coast. Keep you up to date with my garden and other random things. I may even do the occasional challenge.

But I will try NOT to let the blog take me over…

Now comes another learning curve as I struggle how to put in links and other paraphernalia that goes with blog posts.




  1. After blogging on various platforms since 2008 (oye!) have come to the conclusion that styles such as your new one do pose challenges the older ones didn’t seem to have. More choices now, and some new terminology… But am so glad you’re continuing with yours as your photos and lovely way of viewing life are so very welcome. Here’s hoping all your troubles are surmounted and you continue living in paradise and taking us along for the ride!
    xxx to you & jack from del


    • G’day Del I appreciate your comments I thought it was just me getting older… But I was sure it used to be much easier to navigate around way back when I started in 2009. And I find even their “how to videos” they use unusual terms and talk so fast, I can’t follow them. Ah well I will struggle on….

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      • Haven’t bothered with WP’S self-help things so might go take a look… or not, depending on what they’re like! I used a (library) book by Deltina Hay and see she’s still selling her info on-line. You might give her a gander, and I should take a look, too, at her freebie things on yt. We’ll continue! 😉

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  2. Hi Pauline and welcome back!! I was able to see all 3 of your blogs and am happy to see you’ve worked thru the issues. I changed my theme a while back and it was much more work than I’d envisioned (much like the wheelbarrow assembly to your husband!) but eventually I got it worked out enough that I’ll stick with it rather than fix the little things that bother me. Anyway, enjoy your new life and your glorious garden. Look forward to seeing you back on the blogosphere!

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    • I thought it was harder to set up this time. I thought it could be because I’m older!!! I’ve changed the theme a couple of times and still trying to work out the widgets. But I’m enjoying catching up with my blogging buddies


  3. I think we all need a break from blogging now and then. And posting every day has never been for me! I don’t have that much to say. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your more easy-going life now, but I know you will always cherish your travels, Pauline. You’ve done it all! 🙂

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    • I must admit I find it hard to follow blogs that post 2-3 a day, every day. I like blogs like yours that only post when you have something to tell us, not for the sake of blogging…


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