Tribute to a Wheelbarrow


garden wheelbarrow 018_4000x3000

Today I would like to show you my tribute to a wheelbarrow, my workhorse through 17 years of sweat and construction as we dug and designed, mulched and watered to create our dream tropical garden. It carted rocks by the hundred, mulch, compost, prunings and weeds and helped us change an uninspiring expanse of rather scruffy lawn into the garden we love.

A small watercolour painting I did of my faithful wheelbarrow. Calligraphy is another art form I am working on and I love this quote I copied. I put them both together using Photo Shop.

It was not without some trauma. A few years ago the tyre burst. It couldn’t be repaired or a replacement found, but the barrow still had many more years of life left. So not being one to throw anything away Jack stuffed the tyre with old rags and tied it together with  rope and the barrow soldiered on. Various screws would come loose or fall out, but nothing Jack could not fix.

garden wheelbarrow 017_4000x3000


Finally the day came when the dreaded rust took over and ate out the wheel axle and the stuffed wheel fell out and could no longer be repaired. Time to be retired with plans to be put in a corner of the garden and filled with flowering annuals.

Time for a replacement barrow to be bought.

Have you ever looked at the price of new wheelbarrows? We were staggered. Then we noticed one for $59. Why was it so cheap? Because it was a kitset one. The Bunnings salesman warned us “It took me an hour to put together” he said “it is quite a challenge”.

Jack and son James looked at each other and scoffed. “I’m an expert at putting IKEA furniture together”, said James. “No worries” said Jack. “Put the jug on we’ll be up for a cuppa in 10 minutes”.

One hour and fifteen minutes later it was mission accomplished. Their opinion of the salesman had changed. “He did it in an hour AND on his own, what a hero” James said.

wheelbarrow 2

Today it has been pouring down with rain. Brisbane has had all Octobers average rainfall in a couple of days and the forecast is for rain all this week. I’m ecstatic as I have been waiting for decent rain. Now I can start planning, planting and redesigning corners of my garden.

And, of course I will now be recording it all in photos for a future post!!!

Thank you to all you lovely people who read and responded to my first post. I spent many head-scratching and frustrated  (some would say wasted) hours getting it up and running and limping along.

Technology can be a huge challenge to the non computer savvy person. But I have managed to find and instal the “like” button. And I am trying another theme.

Do any of you have a suggestion for a theme you use and have found easy to navigate around? The previous themes I used on my other 2 blogs no longer seem to exist, at least I can’t find them.

I hope you have all had a restful weekend…




  1. Reblogged this on gypsy life and commented:

    I’m reblogging this second post as I am still having difficulties getting my new blog working. I’m not sure how it appears as I changed the theme for these posts but both seem different. To be honest I’m beginning to think it may go in the “too hard basket” I’ve spent so much time and not enjoying the experience… I’ve found how to put a like button on, but now the comments appear to have disappeared… “agh”…. ok back to the drawing board.


  2. Oh and p.s. pls send some rain down here – my daughter in law (now living in Brissie) sent a video of rain last night in an attempt to help out, but the actual wet stuff did not make it.


  3. This is a worthy tribute to your old workhorse of a wheelbarrow- so glad you’re putting him/her out to pasture as a flower container🌷. Hope you get past your technical frustrations- so nice to see you again.

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  4. For a gardener, a wheelbarrow is a friend to be kept as long as possible, and it will make a great planter. 🙂 I saw one a gardening friend had that was heavy plastic and had to wheels in front. I bought it, and it is now my best friend because it is so light and easy to maneuver around. Love your watercolor – beautiful. I’ve used the same theme since 2012 except for when I got a message that I had to change because the first one was being retired – kind of like me. 🙂

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  5. I hate to count the wasted hours I have spent trying to grapple with WP at times dear Pauline.. and have often just closed the lid upon the technical side of things and hope they sort themselves out.. Then when I come back a few days later, I get a better perspective and it seems to all come together.. I hope the same applies to you..
    Take care.. Love and Hugs to you and Jack.

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  6. Yay! I can see the comments now. Your wheelbarrow has done you proud and it will look lovely retired in a corner of your garden and filled with flowers or herbs. Oh, and the blog doesn’t ask for an email to like a post, but then I am always logged in to WP so it might be different if you are not. (Again – on the discussion settings you can change how you want to allow people to comment / like a post).

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  7. I have a rusty, antique wheelbarrow hiding under my deck – just waiting to be planted with annuals! Lol! 😄 I really like your watercolor painting and calligraphy too. 🎨💚 Good work on your blog too! 😊 Mine needs updating but I keep putting it off as I don’t find it easy either.

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