The vibrant colours of spring…


toowoomba 2017 157_4000x3000toowoomba 2017 128_2565x2154The colours of spring sparkle and brighten the world around them and a couple of weeks ago we went to Toowoomba, renowned as the garden city, to be enthralled by the beauty of their “Carnival of Flowers” an annual tribute to the blooming of spring.

It is 10 years since I last visited and then it was on a one day bus trip. Hardly enough time to appreciate all the parks and gardens aglow with spring flowers. I promised myself that I would return.

So this time we booked Airbnb accommodation for 3 nights in a delightful Queenslander styled home complete with a picket fence and deep, shady verandas shared with our host Sonja and her 2 delightfully, friendly Beagle dogs.

toowoomba 2017 095_3732x2662If you have never tried Airbnb I definitely recommend it. We have used this service many times now and the friendly hosts and reasonable prices make every stay unique.

toowoomba 2017 055_4000x3000The Japanese garden was a haven of peace and tranquillity. With the classic red bridge inviting you to stroll and meditate on the beauty.

At first I thought this little fellow was a statue he was so still. Maybe deep in meditation, then he moved his head.

It was pure pleasure wandering around the numerous parks all blazing with meticulously maintained beds of glowing colour.

Can you see Jack I think he will be waiting a long time for this train to take him around… So we walk…

toowoomba 2017 071_4000x3000


The people of Toowoomba love gardening and the garden competition is an event many prepare for all year. So many entries of all sizes, I wished I had the time and energy to get around more of them. But the Grand Champion I had to see.

I walked up the narrow front garden path enclosed by native plants. And fell in love….

toowoomba 2017 097_4000x3000This garden is so lovingly designed and cared for it has brought the use of Australian native plants to a whole new level. There were so many varieties of Grevillea, many I had never seen before. This is perhaps the largest collection of Grevillea in Australia and Gordon and Maria are avid collectors.

Paths winding enticingly invite me to explore further and bright, sunny paper daisies fill all spare spots. toowoomba 2017 102_4000x3000A pergola with a seat makes restful place to stop and admire the glowing orange of the Cliviatoowoomba 2017 116_4000x3000

toowoomba 2017 112_4000x3000

I am inspired by how this couple have created a dense, beauty filled garden in an average sized suburban garden. I talked to Gordon Reynolds who with wife Maria have spent 8 years, after lovingly designing their garden from scratch, in the care and maintenance of it. He was generous with his knowledge and I picked up many tips. The main one being, tip prune natives from an early age to keep them bushy and hard prune once a year.

I’m planning some native corners in our garden. But more on that later…

After looking and remembering all the beautiful gardens in Toowoomba as I write this post I now feel the urge to get out into the garden. So as it has stopped raining I will leave you now. Hope you have enjoyed this visit to the “Carnival of Flowers” (for more click on this link) with me. There are more but I will be back with another post later…







  1. Even though your seasons are opposite of our, I like to see what blooms there. The seasons are opposite, but the climates are very similar. Many of our plants are Australian, but there are many that we lack.


    • G’day Tony, nice to meet you. Aussie plants have found their way all around the world and they are, generally very easy care. Many of the northern plants struggle in our summer heat and humidity, much as I love them I tend to stick with tropical and sub-tropical plants. Ive just been over to have a look at your blog and I do like your blog
      layout. What theme are you using?

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