Signs of Summer…

garden wheelbarrow 001_4000x3000I’m so excited as I look out the window. Can you see? It is not a very good photo as it is a grey, overcast day but almost every branch on the frangipani tree has a bud just waiting for the sun to come back, when it will burst into flower and fill the air with its subtle scent. We have had a week of continuous rain, very unusual for this area, and I think the frangipani is sulking a bit. It is a true tropical and loves the heat of summer. So I am expecting a glorious show this year.

In a break in the rain I go for a quick walk around the garden. Look who else doesn’t like the rain…garden wheelbarrow 014_3000x4000Can you spot him? He is very well disguised huddled in the base of the jade tree. He doesn’t like the wet, cold weather wheelbarrow 012_3000x4000There he is, our resident blue tongue lizard.

The continuous rain is causing havoc in some areas further north from here. But, after a very dry winter, it is welcome. The garden has had a beautiful soaking and now time to get busy. When the rain stops…




  1. Frangipani is just a scent for soap around here so I envy you your tree with its blossoms. So many bloggers are taking about the strange weather in their part of the world but disrupted weather patterns seems to be the new normal we’ve created🙁


  2. Hey! Those look like king palms in the background! I was just talking to my colleague down south about those. They are uncommon here because they look so bad after winter. I really miss them from when I was in school. They did not do much better there. It was the same climate zone as here. King palms were probably more popular there because it is closer to Southern California. My colleague also happens to have several frangipani trees down in Beverly Hills. We know them as plumeria. One is quite large, and shades the doors into the dining room. He had to keep them canned for a few years as he acquired them when we were students, and then lived in rental houses for a few years afterward. Most came from an elderly neighbor. I want to get copies to bring up here, but I need to grow them at a friends house in Santa Cruz. They would freeze in my garden. One happens to be pure white, and smells like coconut.

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    • The palms in the background are golden cane palms. Very easy care, they drop their own fronds and clump up to make a good windbreak. At the moment it is an every day job picking up all the fallen fronds. I am lucky to be able to grow all the lovely tropical plants. I’ve seen a pure white frangipani over here and it is an evergreen one and doesn’t get the rust on the leaves as the others do. I don’t have one of those.

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  3. I hope my daughter’s frangipani will be in flower when we visit Sydney in December. They are such beautiful flowers, that we don’t have down in Tassie. Nice to see your resident blue tongue too, Pauline 🙂

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    • I occasionally have that problem with some blogs. I’ve found if I go back from another direction ie from the blog itself instead of the reader it sometimes works


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