Garden glowing after the rain…

IxoraAfter a week of rain the garden sparkles and glows. The dust has been washed off the leaves and flowers are relishing the warmth of the sun. This orange Ixora turns its face to the light.Crusifix orchidOrange is one of my favourite colours and this crucifix orchid delights me with its flamboyant form and vibrant colour, and it flowers for so long.osteospermumEach of these lovely yellow osteospermum flowers do not last for long, but there are so many others waiting to open that the plant is covered in flowers for weeks.Powder puff lilly pillyThis Powder Puff lily pilly  is growing in the shade but the sun strikes it through the leaves and turns it into a ball of fire.Desert RoseThe desert rose is a tropical plant and  will flower continuously as long as it is warm

My favourites, the Grevillea, flower continuously and each of the stamens drip with nectar enticing birds into the garden.I think this is a menber of the sedum familyThis tiny Sedum, only the size of my thumb and covered in spiders webs, calls out, “look at me!”tropical water lilyFinally I will show you the regal, tropical water-lily glowing in its royal purple and gold colours.

I have not been around in the challenges for about a year, but I couldn’t resist joining this weeks photo challenge. “Glow” how appropriate for the garden in spring.



    • That is why I like them I have one, I think it is called “Ned Kelly” and it has flowers on all year. I’ve just pruned it, I find that hard to decide when to do it as it usually means I have to sacrifice some flower buds.

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