I’ve fallen in love with kangaroo paws

IMG_0157_5184x3888_5184x3888They stand in tall stately splendour, a mass of colour. But it is the detail I love. The fluffy fingers beckoning me closerIMG_0145_5184x3888_5184x3888 Silhouetted against the blue sky. IMG_0147_5184x3888_5184x3888And the tiny star shaped faces when the buds open to invite bees in to a banquet. IMG_0156_5184x3888_5184x3888

Today I have been for a visit to the Gold Coast Botanic Garden. I was hoping to research native plants and see them in flower. I have a project going in my garden, preparing areas to change from tropical to native garden. I thought spring would be an ideal time.

I visited in July 2015 (really that long ago??? I thought when I looked back at the post I did…) Then it was winter and I was not too impressed, and commented that maybe spring would be a better time.

Well there is still no real improvement. It is a very pleasant parkland and I enjoyed the stroll around the lake, but I was disappointed at the lack of labelling. Some of the beds were quite sparse with little thought and planning. Not much had changed in 2 years. Pop over here if you would like to see it.

But I was very impressed with the kangaroo paws. They glowed with health.IMG_0148_3888x5184_3888x5184And look at this unusual coloured one. A soft, misty grey that I have never seen before.IMG_0141_5184x3888_5184x3888So, with the paper daisies I saw in Toowoomba, they have become a must have for my  garden makeover.

It was a pleasant wander around the lake. Watching the energetic on their rebounders,  mums pushing prams and young children playing. Some just relaxing in the sun. It was a picture of tranquillity.

IMG_0181_5184x3888_5184x3888IMG_0178_5184x3888_5184x3888This water dragon was keeping his eye on me as I sneaked closer for a photo.IMG_0171_5184x3888_5184x3888He’s certainly got his eye on me…

So back home and after the rain the garden beds are primed and ready for the plants. Now I have to make some decisions…


  1. Love how the water dragon posed for you, even has a smile on his face! I was going to buy a kangaroo’s paw this year, but my summer was somewhat disrupted so I shall buy one next year now. They might survive in this mild climate, but generally are considered as annuals here. I’m looking forward to seeing what natives you put into your garden. I have rather too many ‘natives’ in mine and keep having to remove them 😉

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  2. That if funny. I disliked kangaroo paw for the longest time because they are so trendy; but then I had to plant one at a friends house when he put the house on the market, and really liked it. It does not really want much, but just blooms continually. The red ones in your first picture are exemplary. I really like the white one though. I have not seen a white one yet. Kangaroo paw does not last forever here. After a few years, it eventually rots out. However, healthy shoots can be plucked and replanted to regrow into new plants. I can not figure out why that seems to work. I would think that they would prefer to be left alone.

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  3. I read where one person mentioned they are ‘trendy’ – yet i’ve never heard of kangaroo paws! the name is a fun one, so for me, they make me smile – and seeing them in person would be twice as fun – and having them in one’s own yard – oh yes! thanks for showing so many views – i now have finished my first crash course on kangaroo paws!

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  4. Good luck with growing Kangaroo Paws. I know they have bred hybrids that do better over on the east coast but I’m sure you are up to the challenge. They definitely need well draining soil. They do really well around Kalbarri so think about what that soil was like (I struggle to grow them in my poor sandy soil here!)

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    • I’ve grown them in the past and had a beautiful specimen in a pot. But when I moved it to the garden it struggled. It got the black rust on its leaves. Back then the garden was more shaded. Now they are in a place with more sun. BTW if you ever need a place to stay on the GC our granny flat is available for family and friends.


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