Windy Weather…

It is now 4 months since my outback adventure and we came home almost needing another holiday to recover. But it is good to be back.

Look who came visiting with his raucous cackle. This Kookaburra is one of the few birds that can defy the bullying, intimidating attacks of the noisy minor birds. The minors are very territorial and have chased all the colourful native and smaller birds away.

But we have had some very windy weather and even a kookaburra can have a bad hair day…kookaburra 2


  1. We have kookaburras who come and visit though they do upset our resident breeding pair of wagtails! They are busy bringing up another couple of fledgling chicks in the garden at present though they will soon send them on their way to fend for themselves. We are a haven for wagtails – they love our garden!


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