Peeping over the fence…

shed kookaburra flowers 014_4000x3000

That is the beautiful climbing Bauhinia, it smothers itself in soft pink orchid like blossom for weeks and if you look carefully you will see it has escaped into the next door garden. Scrambling along their back fence. But they welcome it over. Look where it is heading next.shed garden mango tree next door 016_3888x5184Yes that is a mango tree it is climbing into, and unlike our dear departed tree it is loaded with mangos. See how high it is. I think only the birds and bats will be harvesting the topmost fruit.shed garden mango tree next door 017_5184x3888They are new neighbours, only been here about 6 months and they are very friendly.

I wonder if they like mangos!!!shed garden mango tree next door 018_5184x3888


  1. Wow, both of those are big. The trunk of your mango seemed bigger though. I have never seen that bauhinia. We have only Bauhinia punctata and Bauhinia variegata. There is a white version of Bauhinia variegata, but it is not quite as pretty as the purplish pink one.

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    • The house was built in 1978 so it could be about 40 years old. We also had a Bauhinia tree when we moved in, the only other tree that was here when we moved in. But it died in the 2010 drought when we were away travelling

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