Transformation, natures magical moment.

One of the most amazing transformations in nature is the change from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly. Yesterday morning I saw this beautiful butterfly. He had just emerged from the chrysalis, look carefully and you will see the fawn coloured chrysalis below him.butterfly 006He was drying his wings ready to face the big wide world.butterfly 008_4575x3234It is sometimes annoying to see the damage the caterpillars make to the plants. But when they transform to such a beautiful creature as this I don’t mind feeding them.


  1. Like you I have been having trouble getting back negotiating wordpress.
    Hope I have it sorted out now, I went back to the laptop.
    With all your different pen names it was not easy getting through.
    May be it is a case of ‘use it or loose it’.
    Did You get my comment on the Desert Rose post?
    You do great posts and when I am mentioned caring people know I am Ok.

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