Serenity at the end of the day…

After spending time in the garden in the late afternoon, weeding, pruning, talking to and generally enjoying my plants. The heat is slowly subsiding and it is time to sit and contemplate the beauty of nature.

I walk past my Terracotta Warrior. He has had a few battles and looking a bit the worse for wear. His hand and spear have disapearedgarage garden 031_5184x3888Wander along the brick path, past the compost bin (Jack has recently lifted all the bricks and re-laid them to make it safer to walk on)garage garden 032_3888x5184This is what we call our “serenity seat” (Jack has also, recently, given this a face lift as it had a bad case of wood rot)serenity garden 006_5184x3888Can you read the caption along the top? I am joined by all the crazy pottery figures Jack has made. Can you see what else is waiting for me?serenity garden 001_5184x3888that splash of red in the top right corner is the beautiful Poinciana tree just coming into vibrant flower.garage garden 014_5184x3888I look around as I sit here, to the left is one of the new native areas I have recently planted. They are all doing well. A Grevillea, straw flower seedlings, kangaroo paw and some sunflower seedlings at the back.

I look in front of me and these new babies are struggling. They are more of the straw flowers planted a week later than the first batch and they copped a very hot day that set them back. The shrub behind them is an acacia/wattle and it is thriving in the heat. The little purple ground cover is a scaevola, (fan flower) another Australian native.serenity garden 003_5184x3888So “cheers”. I hope you have enjoyed this serene moment with me in the garden. This is only a very small corner of the garden. If you join me on another day I will show you some more areas.

Now it is time to walk back along the path as it is time to get dinner ready…serenity garden 004_5184x3888


  1. Now that’s what I need to buy next year – a bench! Or maybe one of those steamer chairs so I can lie down and relax 🙂 I love being taken around your garden Pauline, a lovely tropical oasis. The red tree is fabulous! Is it Australian or New Zealand, or from elsewhere? So vibrant. And your recent acquisitions seem to be doing well.

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    • Definitely need seats in the garden Jude. I still think of you every time I see a bench!!! The Poinciana tree is part of the legume family Some horticulturists regard the royal poinciana (Delonix regia) as the most beautiful flowering tree in the world. A partially deciduous tree from Madagascar, it drops leaves in the tropical dry season. The royal poinciana is grown worldwide in tropical regions, where it is also called flamboyant or fire tree. It matures 30 to 50 feet tall. Anytime from late spring to midsummer, the branch tips bear large clusters of orange-red flowers all across the tree canopy. Each blossom comprises five club-shaped or clawlike petals, the uppermost a bit larger with speckles of white. Large dark brown seed pods follow and persist on branches. Grow it in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 and warmer.

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