Summer has arrived and it is WARM

Yesterday was the first day of summer. Though the real heat has not yet set in, it is still warm, but a pleasant mid 20 degree warmth. The humidity is rising with signs of more heat to come.

The best place to be is at the beach catching the sea breezes.ocean walkway desert rose butcher birds 008This is Burleigh Beach on the Gold Coast. It is “schoolie time” of the year. A tradition that brings thousands to our area to celebrate the end of their school life. Most congregate in Surfers Paradise.ocean walkway desert rose butcher birds 011_5184x3888There, in the distant heat haze, are the hi-rise buildings of down town Surfers Paradise. Notice the sun wise couple in the shade from the tree? But most laze in the sun, unaware of impending future skin cancer dangers.ocean walkway desert rose butcher birds 014_5184x3888 Burleigh Beach is my local beach, 20 kilometres south of the action and schoolies mayhem in Surfers. It is more a family beach and it seems, mainly, the sensible young people come here.

I wonder do other countries have this end of year rite for their teenagers?

This week Ailsa of “Where’s my backpack” is wanting some warmth, so here you are all my Northern blogging buddies, I’m sending you visions of sun, sand, sea and buckets full of warmth.


  1. I know in the US they have ‘spring break’ which is when loads of students go on vacation and in South Africa Christmas is to be avoided on the beaches for the influx of students especially along the Garden Route. I went with a friend to Butlins to celebrate leaving school at 16. Not sure that counts though 😉 And I thought you Antipodeans were very knowledgeable about the ‘Slip, slop, slap’. Maybe time for another campaign!


  2. No need to rush on that package. It was in the 70s here today. The beach is nice. It is getting a bit cooler, but barely feels like autumn. Back in school, we had big bonfires on the beach through most of the year, except only when it was rainy or cool. We even did it this time of year before winter.

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