Do you ever get that “OH NO” sinking feeling?


Well it happened to me on Saturday. My Ipad crashed…

It would open then 15 seconds later the dreaded black screen with the little wheel going round and round. I tried again and again. Nothing worked. Even turning right off and re-starting made no difference. It was late afternoon. Not able to check out emails, or contact blogging buddies, or read magazines, check what was on TV, watch you tube or even play spider…. I never realised how dependant I had become on that small black contraption…

I went to bed early that night!!!

Next morning, Sunday, I decided to go to the Apple Shop. I arrived at 9-55am and just look at what I shop-3The doors were still closed and a crowd of people were waiting impatiently. The shop had mobilised its staff, dozens of them, in red, waiting for the onslaught they knew was coming…

Then the doors opened.

The crowd surged forward, it was mayhem. Staff directed us down to the far end of the shop where we crowded, clutching phones and Ipads, around the red-clad staff members. The noise level was so loud it was hard to hear what was being said. So the ones at the back were saying “what did he say?” It was chaos for a while.

apple shop-6
Please excuse the blurry photo, it was hard getting an image with the Ipad held above my head and being jostled…

Gadually the instructions started to filter through and people could follow them and slowly, very slowly, the phones and Ipads started to come to life.

It seems that the latest update had a bug. Apple, of course, were on to it almost immediately and fixed the bug before it hit the USA and UK market. We in Australia are the guinea pigs and the first country to receive any updates.

So what did I learn? Don’t put updates on too quickly. Wait for bugs to be found and fixed…

It certainly was an experience and chatting with the people around me I soon found out how dependant people are on their technology.

Would you be lost without your little helpers?


  1. I have a real love-hate relationship with mine and especially with updates. By all accounts they also contain the built in obsolescence that eventually necessitates replacement of our devices. Like most people I am dependent and I find that frightening- especially when I look around a public space and see everyone with faces glued to the screen.

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  2. I don’t ‘do’ Apple products, so you’ll not find me out and about using technology, but when my laptop screen died in the spring I got that sinking feeling as all my photos are stored on it. Luckily I managed to hook up an external monitor long enough to backup everything that hadn’t been backed up and then take it in for repair. Glad your problem was quickly sorted.


  3. Never install an update who’s version number ends in ‘0’, like 10.2.0 or 1.0.0, wait until it’s at 10.20.1 or 10.20.2 – then you know they’ve installed the fix. There are worse things – there are devices that update without asking the owner if they want the update.

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  4. Glad all is now sorted. and I did not know Australia was the first in line for updates.. I know my new computer laptop last year of only 3 weeks crashed completely after a Windows Update.. It had to be sent back and put back to factory settings, thankfully I had not loaded anything worth losing on it. But now I do have good back up.
    I feel next year I will be using the internet much less Pauline.. Like you took a break.. I need to pull back a little from WP.. I spent a whole day on it the other day trying to catch up.. Not good..
    Sending Love and best wishes, and tell Jack, he is in the best place, and as much as I loved his wonderful blogs,, It takes up too much of our valuable time, when we can be enjoying LIFE and LIVING..
    Much love Pauline.. ❤ xxx Sue xx

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  5. My Mac laptop was in for repairs last week for four days. During that time, I was going between an old computer, a tablet, and two phones. Ridiculous, but I’m involved in a project and needed to be working on it and checking mail. I thought I’d seen crowded Apple stores but these photos are almost unreal – WOW. Glad you got everything fixed and up and running. I love the blogging community but I work it around what I’m doing in real life at least most days. 🙂

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  6. oh my – there’s always that ‘sinking feeling’ when one suspects that files/photos/passwords might be lost in a brain-dead computer! i really enjoyed your story…. on my computer there are some ‘how to’ tutorials for building a solar oven and other basic off-the-grid tips, but one could access those files only as long as the battery is alive! we’re not very prepared, as a species, for a massive solar flare to disconnect us from the grid… your post reminds us of that in a round about way!

    so glad to see you back, though i’m online so very little..( i do read your posts offline…..)

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    • Hi , so pleased to hear from you. Being in your corner of paradise without technology certainly would have its benefits. Lots of stress free time? If the world ever had a major shut down of all technology it would be a catastrophic event as almost everything is computer driven…


  7. Not sure they got rid of all the gremlins before rolling out in the uk, based on my own experience! It does make you realise quite how much the technology is an integral part of our lives.


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