Sunset storms-Sunrise surprise…

Last night the sky was very stormy looking.untitled-5_5184x3888Thunder rumbled and lightning flashed. Then the welcome rain poured down. I lay in bed thinking how the new seedlings would be loving it. Somehow rain is far more beneficial than tap water laced with chemicals.

Our lovely Granddaughter stayed over night and this morning, at 4-30am, Jack decided to take her down to the beach to see the sunrise. I said “you can use my bike, I will have breakfast ready when you get back”. So off they biked and I pulled the sheet back over my head!

What a change, the storm had gone. It was not a spectacular sun rise, but a pretty one and they brought these photos back to show me.untitled-7untitled-8Only small waves for the surfers, but a lone surfer is out early to catch what he can.untitled-9_4000x3000Jade lives inland so paddling her feet in the ocean was a pleasure for her.sunrise with jade 026_3000x4000Jack captured this lovely shot of her  with the golden rays of the early morning sun lighting her face as she gazes out to seauntitled-13


    • Thank you, nature can be so changeable but when it is like in these photos it is a beautiful place. Jack does take lovely photos, he has an artists eye for composition.


  1. Jade looks beautiful. And your images of your world dear Pauline brought delight and Peace into my day… Have a beautiful time with your granddaughter.. Love and Blessings to you and your family.. 🙂 Sue xx


  2. Lucky you Pauline – nothing makes me happier than spending time with my husband and our only granddaughter. She loves to come here to the ocean and we love to visit her in NYC. Best of all worlds! beautiful photos, especially the last.

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