Cliff top walk in the sun…

It was Sunday, the sun was shining and the beach was calling. But not our regular Burleigh Beach, I wanted to take our granddaughter to show her one of my favourite beaches near here.

Driving half an hour south and in the process jumping from 10am to 11am in a split second as we crossed the border. New South Wales is on day light saving and my home state of Queensland isn’t. It can be confusing…

Fingal Beach is off the beaten tourist trail consequently it is never crowded. I took you there in 2015 and it was winter. It was my first visit and I fell in love with this beautiful area (take another look at that post here)

From the car park it is a pleasant walk along a shady trackFingal Heads 010_3000x4000Then well constructed steps, with a seat half way up take you on to the cliff top.

We all like sketching and had brought along our art gear. I found a shady Pandanus tree to sit under and I chose to sketch the light housefingal beach walk with Jade 024_5184x3888

Jack also sketched the lighthouse. But notice how different our styles are. Jack is impressionistic and only takes about 10 minutes to finish a sketch. I am much slower with lots of rubbing out and corrections along the way to the finished sketch.

Jack also noticed this rather large huntsman spider lurking in the crevices of the light house and gave it a prod with a stick to make it come out so I could get a photo of it. I hope you, dear reader, don’t have Arachnophobia.

Jade found a swing under another Pandanus tree and drew the view out to sea. Unfortunately I didn’t get a copy of her sketch before she went home.fingal beach walk with Jade 027_4964x3454The beautiful paper daisies were everywhere. I’m hoping the ones I grew from seed are this prolific.


This is a native hibiscus and a bit of trivia for you, they can be rubbed over black leather shoes to give them a shine. I’ve never tried this, mainly because I don’t have any black leather shoes!!!

We carried on along the edge of the cliffs. Just look at the colour of the ocean. Way in the distance are the hi-rise buildings of Coolangatta. Just a smudge on the horizon.fingal beach walk with Jade 067_5184x3888I’m busy taking photos and enjoying the view. I look round to see where Jade is, she is nowhere in sight. Oh dear, I back track looking every where. Look where I found her…fingal beach walk with Jade 063_5184x3888The adventurous spirit of the teenager. She had scrambled down the cliff face to take photos on her mobile phone. Look what was below her…fingal beach walk with Jade 064_5184x3888My next favourite place to take her was the Tweed Art Gallery, another 15 minutes drive. I have been here many times, you may remember the post I’ve done on Gypsy life blog.

After spending time in the gallery it is late afternoon, 4pm, time to head home, but remember we are going to regain that hour…

Jade’s parents, brothers and sisters are coming down from Brisbane to pick her up and also spend time on “our” beach. But look at the difference…fingal beach walk with Jade 081_5184x3888

It is now school holiday time. Though it is now late afternoon the beach is still busy and the surf life savers are keeping an eye on the swimmers. While the family all go for a swim I sit under yet another Pandanus trying to sketch this very unusual tree. Then it is back home after a very satisfying day.fingal beach walk with Jade 089_5184x3888 crop

 I am joining Jo’s world wide walkers again this week. Go over to see what and where they all are. Armchair travelling at its best…


  1. Those pandanus trees are all over the place, and they are not as pretty as I would have guessed. I have only seen them as protected rare exotics.
    Was that arachnophobia comment directed at Brent?

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  2. What a lovely way to spend a day, and I love the sketching details. So different your styles, but both sketches are beautiful! You must have heaps of them about the place? Thanks for another lovely share, Pauline. Enjoy your gentle run up to the festivities. 🙂 🙂

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  3. This post gave a real sense of your companionable enterprise – out sketching in a very wonderful place. Lovely to see your contrasting interpretations too. And that photo of your granddaughter on the cliff above the sea is a treasure.

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  4. Just fabulous views, Wonderful sketches of the Lighthouse both of you, and no, not frightened of spiders, I once was, but over came the fear.. But then we do not get the variety you get LOL… 😉
    I can feel the warmth of the Sun through your photo’s Pauline..
    Enjoy your week and Christmas celebrations with family
    Sending you and Jack, all my best wishes..
    Love Sue ❤

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  5. Such a lovely way to spend time with the family. You are both very talented. It would have been interesting to see how Jade sketches – next time perhaps. We got caught out with the time zone – arrived too early for the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary after driving up from Coff’s Harbour.


    • Thank you for your kind comment Jude. Did you ever see Currumbin Sanctuary? Jade is doing a management trainee programme there, she goes in every Friday for one day. It is just down the road from us, that is why we have the joy of her company more often.

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      • This was back in 1998 so I’m not sure what it was we visited – all I really remember are kangaroos and wallabies running around 🙂 How lovely that your granddaughter can pop in regularly. I miss that being so far away from mine.

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  6. I do not like spiders…but I can tolerate small ones. I can see you had a lovely day out, all of you, and interesting to see the difference in interpretations. I used to sketch as a young girl, and I guess I was the same as you with taking my time – with lots of corrections. We are all different and the results are not the same – but that is the fun of it too.

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    • Thanks for the link Jo I will be over shortly for a walk with you. I’ve just come in from the garden, all hot and sweaty. Cooling down with a glass of wine and watching a beautiful sunset. Cheers hope it is not to cold over there 💕


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