Christmas weather update

These are a couple of images I found on Google. I was too nervous to go outside to take my own photos…


Last night the news reported 170000 lightning strikes and 60mm of rain in 30 minutes on Christmas day. Wow it really poured down. 19000 homes lost power, we were one of the lucky ones. The power workers were heroes going out on Christmas day to restore the power to most of the homes before midnight. I wonder how people having their big meal in the evening got on…

Meanwhile today is warm and sunny again and Jack is working on a project…shed garage 027_4000x3000


  1. In the early 1990s, I was a groundsman for an arborist who did emergency work to keep roads open and electricity on. We had to work when the storms came in, even if it was in the middle of the night. It annoys me when people complain about the ‘unreliability’ of the electricity, or a road being blocked by a tree. Not many realize how much work it is to keep it all operational.

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