The Pumpkin Patch

For years Jack has wanted to grow pumpkins. “No” I have always said, “they will take over, we do not have the room for them”. Well finally I have given in, but look where they are…flowers pumpkin preperation bed 007_5184x3888Right in the centre of the only area that gets full sun most of the day. But Jack went to a lot of trouble to make sure they get a good start in life.


With a good pile of compost from the bin, mixed with cow manure and then watered well. Meantime the seeds are soaked over night.


Then carefully planted into a handful of potting mix. That was on Friday 15 December.

Look at them now, just over 2 weeks later…


Early this morning I was woken at about 3am, on this last day of the year, by a huge storm and torrential rain. I could see the lightning flashing continuously and the thunder crashing in truly, tropical, terrifying splendour. I lay thinking about random things as I certainly could not get back to sleep.

How the year has slipped by, the turmoil that has been surging around the world, the strange and unpredictable weather patterns. But mostly I thought of what I would put in my next post and how Word Press connects bloggers from around the world in such a positive way. I missed you all during the year I was absent and it was a lovely surprise to have you all pop up in the likes and comments area when I started blogging again. I appreciate the time my blogging buddies take to leave a like or a comment and I have enjoyed catching up with your lives through your posts.

I consider blogging to be a very positive, global activity. Long may it continue.

So as we in Australia are among the first to greet the New Year I raise my glass to you all and I wish you a very happy, healthy, positive, interesting 2018

And carry on blogging…..


  1. Those are pumpkins? We know them as winter squash, or simply butternut squash and Queensland blue squash. Pumpkins are mostly big and orange, although they are quite variable nowadays. They are very cheap or free after Halloween, so my neighbor used to get a few and can them for later in the year.
    In California, there are not many who get the new year any later; just Alaska, Hawaii and a few Pacific islands.

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  2. I’ll try, Pauline! I’ll try! 🙂 🙂 Looks like there’ll be a pumpkin pie or two down your way this year. Carry on doing what you’re doing and enjoying it. Seems like a good recipe to me. New Year hugs, darlin!

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    • I’m really looking forward to following your adventures this coming year. I hope you have time to keep us all up to date as your move enfolds. (Should that be unfolds???) I can hear the children’s fireworks starting and parties are revving up in houses around us. 4 hours now to our 2018. We will be watching it all on tv. Best wishes dear Jo and hugs back to you through the magic of cyberspace


  3. More power to your pumpkins and positive output, Pauline. This year TV gardener Monty Don grew his pumpkins up a tall home-made pyramid-type frame. It looked very handsome and stopped the plants from running amok. I need to follow his advice next year. Happy New Year to you and Jack.


  4. Happy New Year to you and Jack! I know you’ve already welcomed it in while we’re still a day away…it is hard to explain the attraction of blogging but who needs an explanation- I agree and let’s ‘carry on blogging’.


  5. The slugs and snails (S&S) ate my first attempts at growing squash and courgettes. The second sowing grew so slowly that by the time I had flowers it was far too late to fruit (not hot enough) so I shall stick to herbs and flowers this year!!

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