Happy New Year 2018

fireworks 2018 002_5184x38883 minutes into 2018 and I have managed to stay awake to watch the magnificent fireworks display from Sydney on TV.fireworks 2018 003_5184x3888With the Sydney harbour bridge as the centre piece the beautiful Sydney harbour dazzling with light.fireworks 2018 014_5184x3888On a hot and humid Australian night with the windows and doors open to catch the sea breezes I could hear the distant sound of the Gold Coast fireworks from down on the beachΒ and the neighbours shouting greetings to each other as another year starts.

To my blogging friends from around the world I hope your dreams and hopes for 2018 come true.

Good night….


  1. Fantastic and I was tucked up in bed ZZzzzz and missed the fire works on the bridge that is the same age as me. But this morning I cycled to the beach for a dip in the ocean in time to see the sun rise over the ocean. Have a wonderful 2018πŸ™πŸ™πŸΏ. I had to proof read this comment to see i did not put an F instead of a T.🐨😎


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