weathered 001_3789x2291

I cannot remember how many years ago I painted this plaque. It was during my folk art painting era. For years it hung on the back gate, exposed to all the weather could throw at it.

It seems I did not do a very good job of weather proofing it and slowly it disintegrated. The paint became crackled and flaky. The rain soaked into the layers. I thought it was ready to be dumped.

But Jack would not hear of it being thrown away. “It is wabi sabi” he said. “I am going to resurrect it”.

So it lay on the top shelf with all the other things waiting to be repaired.

When I told Jack the WP photo challengeΒ this week was “weathered”, he said “I know exactly what you can use”…. I had forgotten I had ever painted this….


  1. I am not Humpty Dumpty but when I say a word it means exactly what I want it to mean.
    When I say.the Japanese word wabi sarbi it is like the Velverteen Rabbit or faded old blue jeans frayed here and there, something that time has touched. It reminds me of the universal truth that every thing is subject to change and to cling to things only causes us grief. Wu wei go with the flow of nature, accepting the inavatable.
    Besides all that woffeling your folk art is so good Any excuse is good to allow me to keep it.

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  3. Those frogs survived splendidly, although surrounded by the results of extreme weathering. I can see how it was a beauty in the past. Enjoyed your offering for the challenge, Pauline. πŸ™‚

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