Welcome back…

king parrott in rainWhen we moved here in 1998 we had a lot of native birds visit the garden. This King Parrot was one of my favourites. He and his mate would visit daily and also bring their family with them. Sadly the miner birds have taken over and chased all other birds away.desert rose minor bird 030

But over the past few days I have heard the distinctive high-pitched whistle of the King Parrot and this morning I was so excited to see him land, nervously, in one of the trees. He was only there for a couple of minutes and I didn’t have my camera with me. ( The above photo was taken many years ago)

I do hope he comes back.


  1. It has been suggested a water pistol it a good deterrent.
    I will research the best gun for the the job.
    I can also use it on cats, I like cats but not owners that let them hunt native birds.
    Many people posess cats and dogs but do not love them.
    Leaving them alone, dogs are pack animals they need company 24-7.
    Cats are natural predators and should not be allowed to roam free.

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