A weathered corner of the garden


In the top corner of the garden a Buddha sits serenely surveying the scene around him. In front of him are 3 ponds that are difficult to see because of all the plants. The top pond is a concrete, wine barrel shape. Then the water cascades down, from it, to 2 children’s paddling pools, they were throw outs from a neighbour, and they are camouflaged by bromeliads and succulents. chairs-5_4722x3361Water weeds and lilies cover the pond and it is colonised by hundreds of small fish. They keep the mosquitoes under control.

It is a lovely place to sit, under the spreading frangipani tree.frangipani-1_

But be aware dozens of spiders colonise above your head and their webs are a trap for insects but also your head if you do not duck…pond corner chairs 009The best part of this corner is these two garden chairs. Found many years ago at the local dump (which sadly has closed down and moved away). A friend suggested we paint them. But we love the rustic, weathered look. It blends in so well with our rustic garden.chairs-4_5184x3888Look at the different layers of colour, blue, green, white, they tell stories from the past and maybe another life when they resided alongside an immaculate Gold Coast swimming pool painted a pristine white.

But now we can sit on them, glass in hand, and dream, meditate and survey the garden alongside Buddha.


    • No a different spider in a different part of the garden. I have dozens of different varieties of Broms. During the 10 year drought 2000 to 2010 they were the most popular, easy care plants in most gardens around this area,

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  1. I just love your garden,… and the way you repurpose things that might otherwise go to waste – you have a little corner of paradise! My poor garden Buddha has to come in for 6 months a year☃️


  2. Oh how i love sitting gardens! Oh how i hate spiders! Strangely enough though, i find myself taking many pictures of them. Your post has captured the lush, rich garden I wish i had. Living in an apartment building, second floor, sadly i don’t have a garden. Thanks for sharing.

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