The encompassing silence of the outback

Travelling in the outback of Australia the vastness of the land seems to stretch endlessly.Broome to 80 m beach 017

It has a certain type of silence. The wind can rustle through the dead grasses and the occasional bird call breaks the silence. george town to 025

But then that stillness descends and you can feel the air pulsating.

As evening approaches a beautiful golden glow lights all it touches with a magic 2 simpsons gorge glen helen gorge pc 142_4000x3000The serenity and calmness are tangible. To watch the sunset is a very special moment.ormiston gorge pc 110_4000x3000As the sun disappears below the horizon a profound silence settles over the land.alice springs telegraph station 001_4000x3000


  1. Yeah, it is silent . . . until the wallabies come out! Those earlier pictures from your trip were so fascinating. I have never been one to travel; but when I do, I want to keep going. The Red Center of Australia seems to be more empty the the Mojave Desert. The Mojave Desert is more finite. No matter how for I go into it, I can see the mountains on the horizon. By the time I get to where I can not see the mountains to the west, I get to the hills to the east. Texas was pretty flat, without mountains on the horizon, but it was not so desolate and empty. (It was not very pretty either.)

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    • Actually wallabies are very 🤫 quiet. They can sneak up on you 😱…. not a lot of mountains in Oz so it seems to go on for ever. I’ve not been into the real Aussie deserts I would like to but would need a 4 wheel drive and LOTS of water…

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      • I quite fancied heading off into the Simpson Desert (and we did have a Landcruiser) but as you say, this sort of trip has to be properly planned with enough water and petrol etc. Not for tourists to do. I did enjoy being in the Namib desert, though it was very, very hot, but dry which I find easier to cope with than heat plus humidity.

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        • We are having a lovely spell of hot but dry heat, very low humidity at the moment. It was hotter when we were in Adelaide a few years back but no humidity so reasonably bearable. I’m sure the humidity will be back soon 😥

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