Mullumbimby Markets

Another market visit with the granddaughters. This time it is into the Byron Bay hinterland to the quirky, quiet little town of Mullumbimby. Known to be the centre of the counter-culture left over from the hippie era of the 60’s and 70’s. Jack made friends with the 2 blokes in the header image who look as though they were left over from that era too.

Wide streets dating back to the early days in the 1800’s when the red cedar trees were like gold and bullock teams dragged them through the town to the mills. The iconic “Middle Pub” dates back to 1904. This beautiful, classic Queenslander-style building would have so many tales to tell.Mullumbimby jc 078_4000x3000There are just over 3000 locals calling “Mullum” home (as the locals affectionately call it), but this number swells once a month when the market attracts people from far and wide.

The streets all round the market are packed with cars and even before getting to the market  enterprising locals have spread their wares along the street leading into the market grounds.mullumbimby markets 013_4000x3000Into the market we wander around and browse through a diverse collection of home-made goods, second-hand clothes, books, produce and food stalls

The girls are loving it. They find jewellery, dangly ear rings, fall in love with so much, but they only have a limited budget. So we sit with a coffee and listen to a very good country band while they agonised over what to buy.mullumbimby jasmine jade 023_5184x3888

It is a very hot day and the girls buy a refreshing drink before we head for homemullumbimby jasmine jade 020_5184x3888

Today we have brought a picnic with us and find a secluded park to set out our food. Notice the book Jack found? It is a beauty. Jade is wearing the $10 shorts she found. What a bargain, lovely colour and a soft imitation suede.mullumbimby jasmine jade 032_5184x3888Such a hot day demands a stop at one of the beaches for a swim. There are gorgeous beaches right along this coast. I pull in to Cabarita and Jack and the girls rush off to dive into the ocean. They had to run as the sand was very hot.mullumbimby jasmine jade 041_5184x3888Can you read the sign. I thought it would be information about the area. I had to laugh when I read it…mullumbimby jasmine jade 041_5184x3888croppedI’m not a swimmer so I chose this beach as it has a very nice restaurant/coffee shop right on the beach front. I ordered an iced coffee with all the trimmings (even had a cherry on top). That apartment building looked interesting. So I pulled out my sketch bookmullumbimby jasmine jade 043_5184x3888

So ended an interesting day and time well spent with the girls. There are so many markets around this area we will be going to some more soon.

I would link this to Jo’s monday walks, but Jo is taking time out in the Algarve for a few weeks and I’m sure she will be doing lots of walks to tell us about when she gets back, but at the moment her internet connection is non-existant so we will have to wait…


  1. You named your blog appropriately, Living in Paradise.
    Living in paradise Is only part of what this post shows.
    It is getting out and enjoying life that is the main thing to note.
    I like the photo of the granddaughters sharing a drink,
    I would name the picture ‘Close” or ‘The eyes have it, unanimously.’
    We can take a vote on what would be the title.

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  2. Looks like a great day! No heavy sweaters, big boots and down jacket there…In Sweden stone cold today – where my daughter lives around -30 C. Right the other end of the scale from you!

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  3. Such a colourful place and Jack fits right in 🙂 You are lucky to have such empty beaches at the end of your summer. By the time ours are that empty the weather is usually too cold to appreciate them! And your sketch is fabulous. You are a very clever lady 🙂

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