Storm Warning

pots 005_5184x3888Just on dusk last night the sky turned an ominous dusky pink, the colour of a storm. The light was amazing and it cast a red glow over the garden.pots 001_5184x3888

pots 004_3888x5184

Standing on the top deck I was mesmerised watching the lightning flashing across the sky and the distant rumble of thunder. “Oh I do hope it brings rain” I thought.

I looked down the street and saw, 3 doors down, the neighbours children dancing and playing as a few drops of rain started to fall.

These photos are quite blurry, the light was fading fast. But I wanted to capture the joy these children were feeling, it was palpable. It made me smile, as did the thought of rain.

As dark fell I went indoors. The sound of rain falling and the constant flash and rumble lasted about an hour. The humidity was intense, thank goodness for air-conditioners. But sad to say it was only a sprinkle of rain. Further west the storm intensified and they had hail and power cuts, 10000 homes without power.

With the expectation of rain I did not water my pots last night, so now I will have to go out and check them…


  1. Oh, even though it is in an opposite season, it is good to hear about rain. Does weather come in from the East? That would be weird to not only have the sun come up in the East, but to have it pass on the the North, and then to have the ocean on the east too. It would be all mixed up. I suppose I could not tell the difference between East and West if I were to see it, but the sun coming up out of the ocean would be weird.

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