The Changing Seasons : February…

February 2018 was the month of plumbing problems. A leak developed in the water pipes under the front border. The plants had to be removed and then the soil dug out (by Jack) to find the leaking culprit.2018 january garden 026_3888x5184

But worse was the leak in the back yard. Under concrete and also under the back steps. Very hard to get d roses 006_4000x3000We took the steps out, a difficult and awkward job, but from there it was a job for a plumber, and a major job too. Eventually all was fixed and now I had some gardening to do.

This month was also a month of extreme weather conditions. The beginning of the month we sweltered, day after day, under a relentless sun. The temperature rising into the mid to high 30’sC. The plants wilted in the heat and humidity. So did I…2018 january garden 007_5184x3888I was watering the garden every day, fortunately we have a spear pump using the underground water, so no horrendous water bills to come in later. Also the pots required twice a day watering and the hanging baskets sometimes 3 times a day.

It was now that I suddenly realised, as I spent hours watering, that I had a total of  SIXTYNINE pots. So this is the month I made a momentous decision.

“Enough is enough. They have to go”.

Since I made that decision I have been diligently moving the plants into the garden and the fact I had a newly cleared area, where the plumbing repairs had been, was a heaven-sent opportunity to re-design the bed and relocate the plants.

Remember I showed you my pots here. Well I have made quite a dent in the relocating.

These photos are of the pots in the back yard at the beginning of February

And below after the purge, the area does look quite bare. I have to admit I do like the look of all those beautiful flowering pots in the above photos, but oh so much work…


So here is where some of them have gone. Into the garden beds. This will greatly minimalise my workload…

I mentioned we had extremes of weather this month, well it was a couple of days after I started moving the plants that the weather forecaster warned of an extreme “wet weather event” of huge proportions heading our way. Then 5 days ago it arrived.

I was woken in the middle of the night by the sound of torrential rain pounding on the roof. It poured down. Abruptly it stopped and in the sudden silence I could hear the distant crashing of the cyclonic waves onto the beach. Then it started to rain again accompanied by thunder and lightning, and it hasn’t stopped until today.

MORE than 125,000 thousands homes and businesses have lost power right across southeast Queensland, including 3,400 properties on the Gold Coast, after a cluster of severe storms ripped through the region.Frequent, dangerous lightning continues to lash the Coast as the storms march northeast through Brisbane, Redland City and Moreton Bay.

The Coast missed the worst of the weather, however, with the cell slamming into the hinterland before swinging north towards the capital.

At 7.20pm, more than 127,000 homes and business were without power across the southeast, of those, 3,416 were on the northern Gold Coast. ( more here)

As I write this post the sun is intermittently peeping from behind the clouds. During that period of “the wet weather event”  there has been more than an average months supply of rain fallen in 24 hours, then some more kept coming. Some areas have had hail and floods. Power outages have affected many parts of Queensland.

But I have a huge smile on my face and so do my plants. For the first time this month I have rolled the hose up and tucked it away for the time being.after the rain 004_5184x3888I’m also happy as on March 5th we are going away for a week to Maroochydore to celebrate our joint birthday. I can now happily leave the garden to its own devises for that time.

I’m also putting in a request for the rain to stop now, “enough is enough”….


Su Leslie “Zimmerbitch” is hosting a monthly challenge to show the “changing seasons” in our lives each month. So here is what went on in my part of the universe in February 2018.


  1. I do rather like all your pots, but agree they are a LOT of work. I find it hard enough simply planting bulbs each year. Most of my other plants have gone into the garden, though I do still like pelargoniums in pots. You have had some extreme weather this month. Hope it calms down for you now as you head towards autumn. And enjoy your time away – love those Aussie names – I have spent a couple of nights in Caloundra and visited the Glass Mountains and Mooloolaba, Noosa Heads and Fraser Island. A fabulous region. Happy birthday in advance to both Jack and you xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • I still have a 4 geraniums/pelargoniums in pots they are not so demanding as the annuals and I have left the succulents in their pots too. The sunshine coast is a lovely area and it was toss up between there and the Gold Coast when we originally settled here. Thank you for BD wishes as we both have our bd on the same day we usually just go out for a meal, so this is a bit of a treat to go away for a whole week.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Del for the BD wishes. We usually just go out for a meal so a whole week away is a bonus. I had started stressing about how the garden would cope before the rain started so all is good now…

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  2. It seems that everyone is getting weird weather. It has been weird all winter (or summer), and then suddenly, all the weirdness changed for more weirdness. Our winter was very dry and warm. We sometimes get our rain late, but now it is also frosty! That is not good for the plants that are blooming prematurely because of the warm weather!

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  3. I hope all the plumbing problems have been well and truly sorted. Your transition from pots to garden is definitely a huge job, but will be worthwhile. Looking good already. Hopefully the weather will settle down a bit soon. Ours is all over the place too; but we’re had a respite from the extremes for a few days, and that’s very welcome.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. And, I thought I had too many pots. You definitely win the prize, and I’m guessing that you feel better with some of them in the ground. You sure didn’t need a plumbing break, but at least it got cleared up before the torrential rains. Your weather sure went from one extreme to the other. Here’s hoping it stays level so you can enjoy your trip. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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