And the heat goes on, the heat goes on…

flowers are group 037_4000x3000Some plants relish the heat and I have just noticed this vine that has sneakily twisted and twined its way up through the tangled undergrowth of the larger trees outside the bedroom window and, suddenly, in a blaze of glorious colour, unfolded into the heat of the sun, bursting into vibrant flower along the canopy of the powder puff lily.

It is feral as I never planted it there. But it is beautiful and I will let it stay, for now…flowers are group 029_3000x4000((postscript: thank you Jude for commenting and reminding me of the name Pandorea Jasminoides))

I forget its name (seems to be an ongoing problem…) But many years ago I did have it climbing up a trellis in front of the house. Then it took over growing and spreading like a triffid along the front deck. It did make a glorious show. But as we were going away it had to come down as I imagined the house being covered in it by the time we came back a number of years later.

2004, Jack feeding Andy, our beloved magpie.

That was in 2004. Now suddenly, over the past 2 years, it has made this spectacular appearance in the garden. flowers are group 034_3000x4000But I do think I will have to prune it back drastically when it has finished flowering.

Update on the pots….

I have drastically reduced them. Now only the lemon tree and the big, old desert rose are in a large pot each and 4 pots of geraniums will have to take their chances while we are away, plus the succulents.

So we are now ready to go away, on Monday, for a much-anticipated week away. Rain is forecast….

See you all when we get back…



  1. What a lovely flowering vine. I’d be happy to give it a home 🙂 Could it be Pandorea jasminoides / bower vine?
    Have a fab week away you two, and happy birthdays to you both “hip, hip, hooray!!”

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