Quick the sun is out. Part 2 of our wet week away…

The story continues

Day 4 and another tantalising burst of sunshine. Let’s go for a drive along the Esplanade.

We stop at Cotton Tree Beach and settle in to sketch.

I only get a rough pencil outline and the clouds roll in and it starts to rain, again. Oh dear!!! So taking a quick photo it will have to be finished off back home. Just along the road is the Alexander Heads surf club. Almost lunch time. So we settle next to the large windows looking out at the wild wind churning up the surf. With a cup of coffee and cake. Well I had the coffee and cake, Jack chilled out with a couple of beers, we continue our sketching in comfort.Maroochydore 2 001_4000x3000

The windows are tinted giving an eerie and cyclonic feel to the scene. Again I did a pencil sketch and finished it back home. On the other hand Jack is a lightning fast artist and I love the way he has caught the wild windy weather. He also did a number of people sketches of the people around us.

Our styles are quite different…

Then it was into the dining room and we ordered Thai chicken curry, it was very tasty. A lovely relaxing way to spend the day. But then, about 2pm, the rain stopped. So time to walk off the lunch calories, not to mention the cake!

The wind was still strong and my good deed for the day was catching a woman’s hat as it whirled past us with its owner in hot pursuit. I spotted a couple of kite surfers battling the waves and wind. Time to get the camera into action. Can you see him?Maroochydore 2 034As I took photos Jack did another 2 sketches.

It was such a delight to see the sun that we drove down to the end of the peninsular. Jack again sketched. But I was mesmerised by the waves crashing onto the rocks. A magnificent sight and I took shot after shot trying to capture that precise moment of wave and spray as it cascaded into and over the rocks.Maroochydore 2 109_4000x3000Maroochydore 2 146

The wind is whipping the waves into a frenzy of foam and spray. In the distance is Point Cartwright Lighthouse protecting the entrance to the Mooloolah River.

But look at these 2 brave, or maybe foolish, young blokes.Maroochydore 2 071

The second surfer stood hesitating for quite awhile, before he launched himself into the wild waves. What dedication to their sport…

But that’s not all that was happening. I walked by this couple being married in a small and intimate ceremony. Only the couple, the celebrant, the photographer and a friend looking after their young daughter were present.

They radiated happiness. Maroochydore 2 088_3000x4000I wished them luck for the future as I passed by and commented that the luck was with them already to be married on, perhaps, the only sunny day this week. They smiled and agreed.Maroochydore 2 137So the week is almost over. Our son and daughter-in-law came to spend Saturday with us, which we spent at the Eumundi Markets, the largest markets in Queensland. I found them rather claustrophobic, so many people, and the camera battery died so I cannot show you how crowded it was!!! I fondly remember these markets from way back in 1986 when they were small and local and we Wwoofed with and helped a local lady with her herbs that she sold there. But that is another story…

The traffic on Sunday was total chaos as it was the weekend of the major triathlon and many roads were closed. We eventually found our way out-of-town and heading in the right direction (thank you Siri) The rain was torrential at times along the motorway and I was so pleased to arrive home two and half hours later.

One big bonus of the rain was the garden looked radiant….


  1. Love the gloriously happy couple, swinging his daughter in the air. 🙂 🙂 We’ve just been for a quick beach stroll between rather inclement days. Your sketches out of the window look far more appealing than the real thing. It must give you so much satisfaction to be able to do that. I can just about hold a pen. 🙂 And I can never catch those waves at the right moment!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You two are sooooo talented! Love the coloured sketches – are those yours PP? And Jack’s Banksia. It looks as though he can whip up a sketch pretty quickly. Must be so nice to have ‘the eye’.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I loved seeing both your sketches. How wonderful that you both sketch! He-Man has talent but doesn’t have the interest. I have the desire and interest, but no talent. Figure-toi!

    The images are fab, and pt 2 of your weeks sounds pretty good to me! Glad you made it home safely.


    • Thanks Debora it was a good week and in a way the rain helped us able to concentrate on our sketching instead of rushing off sight seeing. You should just have a go at art, if you start maybe He-Man will start too… 🎨

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  4. The Sunshine Coast is a beautiful place, regardless of the weather. The atmosphere there is like another world. It’s mesmerising. I’m glad you had a good time despite the wet weather, but it is Summer in Queensland and I’ve been watching the weather reports as Tropical Cyclone Linda approaches. Keep safe.

    Liked by 1 person

    • How long since you visited the Sunshine Coast LD? Big changes under way, a multimillion CBD is under construction, traffic is heavy and parking very difficult. But still enjoyable. I am going to look at the ocean at Burleigh tomorrow morning at high tide 7am, big swell coming in and gale force winds but Linda has been down sized to a storm.


  5. I know this is irrelevant, and I know you have many comments to process; but I just wrote an article about Timmy, a baby deer. Someone commented that she though Timmy was a kangaroo! Oh my!

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