Cyclone Linda whips up the waves

Last night, outside the bedroom window, the cyclonic winds were whipping the fronds of the golden cane palms into a frenzy. I could hear the bats squeaking and squabbling as they tried to feed on the palm seeds and I could picture them hanging on and being lashed around.  I lay in bed and listened to the rumble and roar of the ocean. Another cyclone was barreling its way south along the coast. A couple of days ago Linda had been a category 2 cyclone but now, about 400 kilometres off shore, had been downgraded to a tropical storm. But it still packed a punch and was forecast to deliver a 2 to 3 metre swell.

The rain had been blown away and a sparkling blue sky tempted us onto our bikes and down to look at the majesty of the ocean.cyclonic waves wild ocean 123_3804x2831This week it is The first of the international pro. surf carnivals and it is held on the Gold Coast, but about 20 kilometres further south than Burleigh, at Snapper Rocks (image below copied from the media centre)Quiksilver Pro  Just look at the crowds of spectators. As one commentator mentioned “there must be a lot of sick people on the Coast today!!!”

They have been blessed with fantastic dream conditions. Just watch this short video.


Not so crowded on our beach but still people had come to enjoy the sights and sound of majestic nature, and the perfect Autumn weather.

Although it is midweek another wedding is taking place. This is a very popular wedding venue and today they are so lucky to be blessed with perfect weather.

Another small gathering but more formal than the one I photographed last week.

We continued round the Burleigh Heads walk way and Jack found a spot to sit and sketch.cyclonic waves wild ocean 078_4000x3000While I scrambled further over the rocks camera in hand and took photo after photo.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Can you imagine the mighty roar and crash as the waves barrelled into the rocks and the wind buffeting and blowing the spray high into the air, it was awesome .I took 164 photos trying hard to capture the breathtaking sight of all this power.

In the distance the hazy outline of the Surfers Paradise hi-rises could be seen.

Because of the dangerous weather conditions the walking track had been closed. But that didn’t stop surfers from scrambling over the rocks to bypass the gate and get to their favourite surfing spots.cyclonic waves wild ocean 111_3725x2761So time to head back home. Jack had done 2 sketches while I was taking the photos. What a satisfying afternoon it had been.img226_3344x2508img225_2513x1744Here I am Jo out walking again now the weather has cooled down and the sun has come out again. Pity it rained all last week…

Pop over to join the ever restless Jo as she shows you a gorgeous and interesting area of the Algarve. But be prepared for a steep climb



  1. I was all set to comment on the awesomeness of those waves when I came to your link, Pauline. 🙂 🙂 Thanks a lot! I could hear the crash from here. 🙂 And that youngster surfing? Incredible!

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  2. You do get some ‘weather’ along that coast! I am just miffed that there you all are still sitting out in the sun in shorts and sundresses, whilst we are preparing for another blast from Siberia! Shouldn’t complain. At least it is sunny today, though you might not want to sit outside for long!

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      • I wish I could stop and sketch like that. I’m better with the camera, but wish I could sketch and paint. I keep hoping I live long enough to get there, but even with practice I don[‘t think it’s meant to be. After 30 years of lessons and practice in sketching/drawing/painting, and piano after 13 years of lessons and 2 hours of practice a day I’m just mediocre/ elementary I’ve come to face reality. It’s just not meant to be.
        Now I just make noise on my piano and I’m okay with that, but I am still trying to sketch and draw. I’ve not yet come to terms with mediocre and doing it just for fun. I haven’t yet got to the point of it coming nearly as second nature like piano did.

        Photography on the other. I understand the way the viewfinder and lenses see. I think that may be my medium to let my creative side out. I’ve tried everything. Sewing, stamping, painting, drawing, sketching, singing, piano, guitar, and harmonica.
        I was a pretty good singer until I had to have a major surgery which required general anesthesia. The tube they put down throat wreaked my vocal chords. I can barely sing now. I was doing really well on my guitar, but I made a change in my life’s direction and set it aside. Painting, drawing, and sketching I’ve been trying to do since I was 10. Several Art teachers told me to find another outlet art in those forms wasn’t it. 😦

        Piano I started too late. My fingers aren’t fast enough and I don’t see the music patterns to make reading music easy. I don’t well at math either.

        I have given up Piano. Today I just make enough noise to keep me happy, but I’m still trying to draw and sketch. I’ve given up. At 70 if I’m not where I want to be with it I will. That’s my limit!
        I’ll stick to teaching language, math, colors, shapes, and all things needed to get a baby/toddler ready for school cause that I’m good at!
        I missed my calling I think. I should have been an early learning educator. I know how to do that, and no education or years of training was required. I just do it.


        • You sound very versatile Deborah and willing to have a go. I potter along at lots of things but never really stick to anything. I’ve decided that trying for perfection puts me off even trying, so I just enjoy my pottering at art, lots of mediocre to put in the bin, but then try something else. Your photography is very good and obviously satisfying for you too. But keep practicing at the drawing, the eye and hand coordination does get better

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  3. I guess everyone benefitted from the downgrading of Cyclone Linda. Hopefully minimal damage apart from waterlogged roads. Presumably you could get some sleep without worrying about the sounds and possible damage. And the surfers got great conditions. I hope your garden is OK.

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  4. Wonderful post Pauline, enjoyed every word and photo. Especially loved the video – WOW!!! We have hurricanes here so I know what a relief it is when the big ones are downgraded. nature can be pretty violent in her beauty. Loved your ocean shots – I can definitely hear the roar!

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    • Thanks Tina we are having a busy cyclone season this year. Another one is battering up north at the moment. We only get the tail end down here, usually, fingers crossed….


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