5 Minute Regular Random

With the exception of WordPress weekly photo challenge I did say, to keep my blogging time under control, I wouldn’t join any of the many challenges out there.

But today I have broken that self-imposed rule…

I’m joining in with Desley Jane’s “5 minute regular random”. Why? Well this morning I spotted our resident blue tongue lizard is back so I grabbed the camera  and spent 5 minutes. trying to capture his blue tongue. Not easy…

He lives under the large jade plant and unfortunately some of the jade leaves got in the way. I couldn’t lean over to remove them as he would just scuttle away back into his pipe lair.The garden 057_4000x3000The garden 058_2920x2202He’s spotted me and thinks if he stays still I won’t see him. Jack rushes off to bring him some banana.The garden 062_4000x3000Carefully Jack pokes it into his space.The garden 063_4000x3000And puts it on a rock near his nose.The garden 064_4000x3000He swoops on to it. He loves banana.The garden 065_4000x3000The garden 066_4000x3000Then he looks around for some more.

He starts to lick his lips and I try to catch the moment he puts his tongue out. It is quite difficult as the camera is not instantaneous when I press the button.The garden 071_4000x3000I try again and again. This one was almost… Then success…The garden 073_4000x3000These are just a few of the many I took trying to catch that elusive tongue. Well that was a fun five minutes. Go over to see the absolutely delicious cake in DJ’s 5 minute random. It did only just last 5 minutes!!!

I think I may have fudged the rules a little DJ as we did supply the banana…



    • Hadn’t seen him for a while, so I was so excited to see him back. That is the north facing wall and I think it is too hot for him in summer, but it keeps lovely and warm in winter

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  1. Hahahaha I guess supplying the banana does count as “interfering” but I love it! How did you discover that he loves banana?! Excellent response to the challenge – very happy to have you on board.


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