Sunrise from two different places.

Sunrise one from on my home beach

It was 5am the birds woke me singing their joy at the start of a new day. The lorikeets with their  chatter almost drowned out by the kookaburra family’s infectious and unmistakable, manic laughter, the raucous crows and sweet warble of the magpies all herald a new day is dawning.

Looking out at the pink light spreading from the horizon we jumped on our bikes to race down to the beach to catch the sunrise over the ocean. It was pure magic.

I would like to share with you our early morning, 2 hour, photo shoot at Burleigh Beach. I took 243 photos. Jack took 295 photos….

This is take 2 of the WordPress photo challenge Rise/Set. Here is the previous post of sunset images of a Broome sunset

5-30am and here comes the sun

Such lovely soft morning colours

Capturing the moment. So pleased I got up early (Photo by Jack)


Fishing, notice how many rods he has...

3 fit surfers

As we head home we pass these 3 very fit looking surfers.

Had to stop and chat and tell them they will be in my blog...(Photo by Jack)

I stop to talk to them. This is what the lifestyle on the Gold Coast is all about. Sun, sea, sand and surfing…

Sunrise two from on the ocean

On board a cruise liner there are almost 2000 other people sharing the space, plus another 800 staff.

But it is still possible to find a place to be alone, especially early in the morning as the sun rises.

To just appreciate the beauty of the surroundings and marvel at having an opportunity to listen to the pulse of the ocean, I would go up on to the Promenade Deck and watch the sun rise.  I did not get up early every morning, after all I am on a cruise! Some days were overcast when I peered through the porthole and then I would snuggle back down under the blankets.


Tauranga PC 004_4000x3000

This is the glorious sunrise as we sailed into Tauranga.

Tauranga PC 005_4000x3000


  1. I so envy you living so close to such a fabulous beach, the Burleigh photos are so beautiful. I can also understand why you were up early, I have heard your noisy birds at dawn, they are enough to waken the dead!

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