Anticipation and preparation…

It is Autumn, the nights are cooler, it is no longer humid. I love this season over here.

But being born in England I still have lingering memories of a different autumn. Even though I left the British shores 58 years ago the word autumn conjures memories of leaves changing colour, falling and glowing in swathes of red, brown, gold and delicious combinations as they carpet the ground under  the big old deciduous trees.

This week Ruth, who now lives in Hobart, posted a delightful series of photos of the autumn leaves in the Hobart Botanic Garden. It immediately brought back the memories of our time house sitting in Hobart in 2013. I can hardly believe it was 5 years ago.

botanic gardens Tasmania 231_4000x3000

I visited these magnificent Botanic gardens and took so many photos. Of course I put them in my “Gypsy life” blog (see it here). As I went through the photos I became quite nostalgic to walk through the mounds of scrunchy leaves and see first hand the magic colours of autumn again.

I made this short video as I walked through the leaves in the Botanic Garden.

Living in a sub tropical climate has lots of advantages but it is almost always green and only has 2 seasons and I do miss the beauty of autumn leaves. I started to dream and then plan where could I go to see the leaves again. Tasmania is a long way away. Autumn is already here, so if I want to see autumn leaves it will have to be soon.

So I started to plan a road trip. The anticipation mounted as I searched through Google. I finally decided on Tenterfield when I read this information in the tourism site

An untouched, well-renowned historical district surrounded by spectacular bush lands, Tenterfield enjoys mild alpine summers, sunny winter days and crisp winter nights, blazing red autumns with stunning tree lined roads and bright wildflower springs.

Set in the heart of Australian Heritage, Tenterfield District is surrounded by a wide variety of National Parks and is the gateway to both the New England and Northern Rivers Regions. The major centre of the region is Tenterfield, surrounded by the villages of Drake, Jennings, Legume, Liston, Torrington and Urbenville – each, as you will discover, with their own unique characteristics

“Blazing red autumns” jumped out at me. I contacted the tourism centre to check when will be the best time to see the leaves and they sent straight back saying mid April.

Today is April 1st. So I went into preparation mode. Find accommodation. Last night I spent a pleasant couple of hours scrolling through the Airbnb site. Wait till you see where we will be staying…. I’m super excited to be staying in this heritage building…

All will be revealed in my blog eventually.

Tenterfield is approximately a 3-4 hour drive south-west and into New South Wales.

And the date we are going is April 8th, just one week away…


Cathy (wanderessence) has started a new travel blog and invites us to share our travel dreams, plans and preparations. She has a very thorough and organised system of preparation for her trips, a very energetic lady I admire her enthusiasm. If you have plans in the pipeline pop over to get some tips and maybe join in the community.


  1. We are living in paradise I would not bother going any where.
    Then your enthusiasm gets me.🏃‍♂️ going. I’m coming too I don’t want to be singing those autumn 🍁 drift by my window 😎

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      • If you could drive a Pontiac with a real steel bumper, you would not need to worry about the wallabies. They would see it coming and get out of the way.
        I looked up New England. Australia is such a fascinating place. I had no idea there was a New England region there. The only New England that I know of is between Maine and Connecticut. Some would say it extends as far as Pennsylvania. There is also Miami and Palm Beach in Australia. Miami is a popular name in a few states here, but for different reasons. (It was derived from different names that sound very similar.)

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        • Think the old Pontiac would be a bit of a gas guzzler!!! Actually I live between Miami and Palm Beach. That is the suburb names of the beaches on either side of Burleigh. Never gave it much thought till you mentioned it. What a coincidence

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          • Palm Beach could be any beach with palms on it. The one in Florida just happens to be more well known. Miami could be derived from the native language there, just like it was here. There are a few Miamis here, and there are at least two different origins for the name, derived from two different languages. That really is a coincidence.

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            • I have a new neighbour and when I went over to say “g’day” he said I have a Japanese wife (I haven’t met her yet) her name is Iami, you can remember it by taking the m off Miami…. will never forget now….

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              • Australia takes some serious getting used to. Except for Palm Beach and Miami, and the major cities, I have never hears of these places. I still can not imagine that there are FIVE cities there that are more populous than San Jose!, and that most people live around the edges. Canada is like that. Almost everyone lives very near to the southern border, leaving most of the space empty. It is also odd that south is like our north, and that the cooler climates are closer to Tasmania, with the warmer climates in the north.

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  2. Funny what we miss, isn’t it? The distances are so vast in Australia. When you said ‘it’s a long way to Tasmania’ I’m thinking, but it’s just down the road. It isn’t of course 🙂 🙂 Wonderful that you can make this happen, Pauline. You’re not lacking in energy and enthusiasm yourself. I’m excited for you. 🙂

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  3. A really delicious meal is to be had at the Commercial Hotel in Tenterfield! I am also planning an Autumn trip to Victoria and hoping to see lots of red leaves.

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  4. I’m glad you are going, Pauline. Of all the small towns I stayed at on my trip north two years ago, Tenterfield was the place that seemed most desperately to need a bit of a boost. The town looked to be struggling, but I may have been mistaken. It was really cold, so maybe everyone was just tucked up at home. I heard they have a nice little market but I don’t know how often it is held.

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  5. Wow, Pauline, you made up your mind quickly and got this trip underway! One week away. I love your reasons for going as I am a big fan of autumn colors, and if I were there, I’d ask if I could stow away in your car! I love the heritage house you’ll be staying in. How exciting. I can’t wait to read about your trip!

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  6. I need some of your ‘get up and go’ as I think mine is all gone! I am vaguely thinking of a couple of trips this year (Australia on hold until I know that the family are settled), but really need to start making some bookings! I hope you have a lovely trip to Tenterfield and that the trees will be waiting for you.

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