Stunning Easter Sunday Sunset

Late afternoon yesterday on a lazy Easter Sunday and as I look through the back window I see this billowing, voluminous cloud towering into the sky.sunset fisherman 002_5184x3888It is tinged with pink as it is nearing sunset. Looks as though it is going to be beautiful over Pelican Lake. Quick let’s get there. Grab the camera and come on…

sunset fisherman-2_5184x3888It is spectacular this evening.sunset fisherman-3_3888x5184

sunset fisherman-4_5184x3888

A boat heads for shore leaving a trail of ripples in its wake.sunset fisherman-5_5085x3814The fisherman comes over to the lakes edge. I get evening entertainment as he expertly casts the net.sunset fisherman-11_4482x3395Then drags it in.

He has a good haul of whitebait wriggling and frantically jumping.sunset fisherman-9_4427x3033He tells me he is going to use them for live bait to catch Mangrove Jack. When I ask him where he fishes. He grins and says “I’m not going to tell you that”.

He threw the net about 4 times and I took a short video. Just listen to the background noise, it is dozens of Rainbow Lorikeets feeding in the gum trees behind me. Also watch for the neighbour over the back fence enjoying his glass of wine or possibly beer…

The gum trees are in full flower and the Lorikeets are way up in the top feeding voraciously. I take photo after photo. The camera is extended on full zoom and hard to hold steady so I am amazed when I download and see this one I caught.sunset fisherman-7_3429x2901Time to go home and as I turn look what the sky is doing over the ocean.sunset fisherman-8_3658x3735That hi-rise is about 1 kilometre away on the beach front and that is a lovely soft iridescent semi rainbow behind it. The bats are on their way out to feed and the Lorikeets roost for the night in the Norfolk pines along the beach front.

So all is well in this part of the world. The Commonwealth Games torch has reached the Gold Coast, after going all round the world, and is being carried around the suburbs, tomorrow, Tuesday it will be passing through Burleigh, then on Wednesday the Games will begin. I do hope all goes well for them and the weather stays fine.



  1. If I did not live here after seeing your blog I would be moving here.
    Like all the photos and your story line is good.
    You caught those birds well in the hi rise photo and the Rainbow Lorikeet eating nectar. 😎

    Liked by 1 person

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