5 Minutes in a corner of the garden…

Periodically I am going to show you just one small corner of the garden. I will spend 5 minutes photographing it. I am inspired to do this by Desleyjane and her “5 minute regular random” challenge…

  • choose a subject or a scene
  • spend five minutes photographing it – no more!
  • try to not interfere with the subject, instead see it from many angles, look through something at it, change the light that’s hitting it
  • have fun! (sure did!)
  • tag your post #regularrandom and ping back to this post 

This is the back garden a fairly narrow strip approximately 5-6 metres wide from the house to the back fence. It was originally just lawn when we bought the house in 1998. But look at it now…

5 minute in garden-1_4000x3000Bromeliads are a favourite, they are so easy care , so this one escaped the pot purge from a few weeks ago and lives happily in this raised pot with a chook that Jack made keeping it company. Such a variety of colours in the brom families, so another one in green with the lovely white strip along its leaf and vibrant red centre clusters below the raised pot.(wonder if they are called leaves in bromeliads)


5 minute in garden-15_4000x3000The dainty variegated shrub just behind the potted bromeliad is a type of Lilly Pilly and it gets a lovely flush of new pink growth in spring. Next to it is a dwarf Murraya. I won this one many years ago in a garden club raffle and like to keep it trimmed into a ball so it never gets chance to flower. Dangling above is the drooping,  easy care succulent “Donkey Tail” (Sedum morganianum)

5 minute in garden-4_1332x2246


These next two are very well-known plants, but for the life of me I cannot remember their names. (Help Jude!!!)

Jude has come to my rescue, see the comments, thanks  jude. The ones on the left are Iresine and the right hand one is, of course,  Cordyline.(I knew that!!!) Now how could I have forgotten…


I love variegated leaf plants, they give the garden all year round colour. In front of these is a pile of rocks that have been put there from another part of the garden that is in a reconstruction mode (an ongoing phase in different parts of the garden) They have been there so long, waiting to be relocated, that this dainty ground cover has taken the opportunity, all on its own,  to populate them.5 minute in garden-6_4000x3000Can you see the glint of red? Yes it is another plant in a pot waiting for relocation. Acalypha herzogiana (Dwarf Cat’s Tail) is very easy to grow and I find it is a great ground cover

.5 minute in garden-9_4000x3000Above it is a Cycad, a very ancient rainforest plant. It is growing in a very large pot as it is at the base of a rather large paperbark tree. Here is a bench that you can sit on, in the company of the pelican, and enjoy the sun and the garden. I will bring you a cuppa and I will join you…


Just a couple more that are in the back of the border and that is the 5 minute dead-line reached.  Hope you enjoyed this look at a small area of the garden.



  1. I love visiting your tropical garden. I think the right-hand plant could be a Cordyline, not sure about the ones on the left though the red one looks like Iresine – both the yellow form (Formosa) and the bloodleaf.

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  2. No wonder you call your blog ‘Living in Paradise’, Pauline there’s so much lushness and variety in your tropical garden. The forgetting name thing assails me too, usually at an inopportune moment!

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    • It is very lush at the moment Jane, we have had some good rainfall. But it was a different story a few years back when we were in drought. I think we all, of a certain age, seem to have this problem, so annoying

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