Rise and shine. Day 2 of the road trip…

Our bedroom was up stairs, lots of stairs. It is the door on the left and I forgot to take a photo of the inside, but in keeping with the rest of the house it was tastefully decorated, paintings on all walls and a super comfy bed. Look at the high ceilings and there were beautiful paintings on every wall, it was like being in an art gallery. My sort of place…


It was a self-contained area with a convenient sitting room and a cupboard which cleverly opened to a small kitchen bar, very handy and of course an immaculately clean, modern bathroom. That cat on the couch fooled me every time I walked past, it looked so realistic…


So down we go to breakfast. Breakfast is included and what’s more it is a cooked breakfast.


The sun is streaming into the dining room and everything sparkles. The table is set for a silver service breakfast. We felt very pampered.breakfast-6_4000x3000


Look at the light, it was a photographic delight. To complete the picture a magpie landed on the TV ariel outside to serenade us and we could see him through the top windows.


Then Elizabeth brought in our breakfast. Cereal followed by scrambled eggs mixed with ham and tomatoes, toast, tea and orange juice.breakfast-9_4000x3000The 3 very well-behaved cats came over to say good-morning. Beau, Dom and Ziggy.


breakfast-21_3458x2467Ziggy, the tabby, was laying outside in the delightful courtyard, enjoying the sunshine.


breakfast-8_4000x3000What a great way to awaken to the new day. Elizabeth was the perfect hostess.

So now, well fortified we are going to explore the town.



  1. You did a great job showcasing your lovely accommodations!I love that straight-down shot of the stairs – esp since working long ago on restoration of an old home. Really really nice home with a very calming soul!

    Elizabeth can use your post as part of the PR advertising! Who would’t want to enjoy a day/night or week – or forever – there?!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Elizabeth has done a terrific renovation mostly on her own too. It has been over 15 years in the renovation. I guess an old heritage house of that size would never be finished


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