Impulsive decision…

A vision lodged itself in my mind, it keeps calling to me and the idea grows. I dwell on the thought and want it to become reality.

So I take action and suddenly, that thought, that idea becomes reality.

We are going back to Tenterfield. NEXT WEEK….

Do you remember on the last day of our stay in Tenterfield, only 2 weeks ago, we visited Stannum House. thunderbolt lair bald rock autumn leaves 004_3137x2281From the moment I stepped through the front door I felt the aura of this magnificent mansion. It enfolded me in to its history. I imagined ladies in sumptuous ball gowns sweeping down the stairs and gay parties gathered around the dining table. The intrigue and plotting of rich people as they planned to make this place the seat of power.

A guest we met in the car park said “if you stay here you will never want to leave”. I immediately tried to book a night, but, sadly, they were fully booked. As I left I picked up a glossy brochure.

It was a week after returning home that I found that brochure under a pile of maps and other memorabilia and took it out onto the deck, with a cup of tea to read it.morn tea 002_4000x3000Let me share it with you…img235img236img237Now I really would like to go back for another look. What tipped my desire from thinking to doing was the fact that “art in the mill”, a unique art display, in what was a dilapidated old shed, is on over labour weekend, May 4th – 7th,  in a village near Tenterfield. With 14 local artists, as well as paintings and drawings the A Case of Art in the Mill exhibition features sculptures, metalwork, ceramics, timberwork, glass and silk. I checked it out on Google.

I rang, full of anticipation, but, again, that weekend is fully booked, my heart sank. “But I have 2 rooms available Monday 7 to Wednesday 9” I was told. The art exhibition is still on till 4pm on the 7th so, to get there, we will have to make an early start, and not get lost!!! Then we will still have time to look around the exhibition before it closes.

I immediately said “YES! I will take it”.

So it is back to Tenterfield next Monday. I hope it is not too cold. And the trees should still be resplendent in their autumn foliage. (I hope).

This is the room I chose…img238Notice the unlimited free WiFi…

I’m excited….


Cathy of “Wander Essence” is an amazing lady who carefully plans and prepares for her many trips. Her description of the planning and then the journey is riveting to read. She invites you to join in with her adventures telling her about your plans.

“ANTICIPATION & PREPARATION” INVITATION: I invite you to write a 750-word (or less) post on your own blog about anticipation & preparation for a recently visited or a future particular destination (not journeys in general).


  1. Oh Pauline you will have a wonderful time out there. Best take a wooly jumper I think.
    However even if it is cold you’ve always got that comfy room to come home to.

    Mercenary me notes that it’s a bargain- definitely cheaper than a motel with a full breaky thrown in as well 😎

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  2. Your room is astonishingly cheap. I like the way this impulse happened and I’ll be remembering Stannum House for a stay sometime. If you see an Afghani family in Tenterfield, smile at them (I know I don’t have to say this to you). They’ve just moved there as refugees and they’re having a tough time with the unfriendliness of locals, amongst everything else they have to deal with.

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  3. Oh my gosh, I can feel your excitement here, Pauline. I felt as excited as you about revisiting this place. Obviously you loved it and were not going to be satisfied unless you stayed here! I was riveted as to whether you’d get the room and get to see the exhibit too! Hopefully you won’t get lost, especially as you’ve been there before, and you will have to get an early start. How long does it take to get there? Happy trails! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Your feet are starting to itch again PP. Hope you have a lovely second visit. Is there nowhere close to the exhibition where you could stay on the Sunday night so you have plenty of time to visit the exhibition, without rushing?

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