Reasons to return : Autumn leaves

Only 3 short weeks ago we visited Tenterfield. I longed to see the autumn leaves and I did. They were glorious.

So to see the leaves wasn’t my first priority on this trip. But they overwhelmed me with their beauty this time. The colours had jumped another spectrum in brilliance. Even a local said this year was one of the best she had seen for quite a while.

So I will start this series of posts with a gallery of the autumn splendour.tenterfield home pc 009_4000x3000tenterfield home pc 001_4000x3000tenterfield home pc 016_4000x3000We weren’t the only ones overwhelmed by the beauty. These Asian ladies were recording them on their mobile phones while their little girl ran ecstatically around kicking up the leaves.

tenterfield home pc 019_4000x3000This small Queenslander was for sale. Would you be tempted?

I had so many more photos of the trees but I think those will set the scene…


  1. The autumn leaves are outstanding here also.I think it might be because the weather has been so very dry, as I think it has been in Tenterfield too.

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  2. Autumn leaves are stunning, and your photos reflect their beauty. 🙂 However, when I look at them all I can think of is how many hours and days it will take me to clean them up both in the fall and the spring. I’ve raked over 31 large leaf bags full in just the last week. The older I get, the less I like leaves. 🙂

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  3. OH! It IS VERY tempting . . . . but way too far away (and perhaps infested with wallabies)! It is so excellent, like a Queenslander house in Oklahoma! The neighborhood even has colorful oak trees! The similarities are so amusing.

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  4. […] During May I relished all the autumn leaves, that we do not get on the Gold Coast, by going inland and visiting Tenterfield on the Great Dividing Range. Being almost 1000 metres above sea level they have a cooler climate than the sub tropical zone I live in and the trees were glorious. If you want another look go here. […]


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