Out and about in Stanthorpe…

The WP photo challenge this week is “liquid”. So I thought this outing to Stanthorpe,  on day 4 of our mini trip, would fit the brief. It is an hours drive south of Tenterfield.

This is Quart Pot Creek…

stanthorpe pc 036_4000x3000The volunteer at the Tourist Information office had no idea why it was called this strange name. You can let your imagination run riot with reasons from the past. I was told it was a pleasant and pretty walk along a paved track that ran right round the creek. He gave me a map. Away we went with the cameras happily clicking.stanthorpe pc 042_3000x4000

The sky was a clear cerulean blue reflecting back from the still, calm water. A beautiful day for following the creek as it meandered along.stanthorpe pc 059_3000x4000The track wound round the corner and rearing above us is the Quart Pot Creek bridge, it is heritage-listed and was built in 1886. I am always in awe of our pioneer ancestors who built these structures. This is the granite belt country and I think of the tonnes of rock excavated by hand using picks and shovels, then moved by horse and cart. It is also known as the Red Bridge (I’m guessing it was once painted red as there are no signs of any redness now) .  Cavorting along the top were 3 Irish backpackers.stanthorpe pc 053_4000x3000You would need a good head for heights up there. How did we know they were Irish? Because we later saw them in town and chatted with them.stanthorpe pc 063_4000x3000The creek is turning into puddles. There has been no rain here since January.stanthorpe pc 061_4000x3000A board walk crosses the almost dry creek bed and the path disintegrates to a rough track winding through the bush and over the granite boulders.

No sign of the creek now. I take out the map. I have no idea where we are. No helpful arrow saying you are here. It is also such small print I have great difficulty reading it. So we just keep walking. Until we come to this…stanthorpe pc 062_4000x3000Oh dear this does not sound like our capabilities. Well it is almost lunch time and we have had an enjoyable morning, so we turn round and head back to the car.

Now time for a different type of liquid. This is wine country and there are dozens of wineries dotted around. I decide on “The Queensland College of Wine and Tourism” for lunch.

tenterfield stanthorpe art at the mill autumn leaves small camer 182_5184x3888This is what the web site said,

Varias Restaurant offers a world-class dining experience featuring an outstanding a la carte luncheon menu using the freshest of local produce in our award-winning architecturally designed facility.

tenterfield stanthorpe art at the mill autumn leaves small camer 188_5184x3888It was a pleasant view while we waited for lunch to arrive…tenterfield stanthorpe art at the mill autumn leaves small camer 196_5184x3888This is what Jack ordered : prawn and scallop tortellini, with butter, lime and viognier sauce, crispy fried capers and freshly shaved Romano cheese and, of course, a glass of wine.tenterfield stanthorpe art at the mill autumn leaves small camer 192_5184x3888This is my lunch : herb crusted lamb sweetbreads creamy celeriac puree, sautéed French lentils and soaked raisins, green grape and watercress salad. I must admit I didn’t think mine looked very attractive ( Sweetbreads are subject to much confusion, and are often mistakenly believed to be the testicles of an animal. In fact, they’re two separate glands – the thymus gland (from the throat) and the pancreas gland (from the heart or stomach) that are taken from calves or lambs. “Google” I thought I was being daring as I also mistakenly thought they were testicles)

Footnote #1 : I discovered later that when I left the Information office I turned right, which took us to the end of the walk. I should’ve turned left to go right round the paved track. That is a very typical “Pauline” mistake…

Footnote #2 : On the way back to Tenterfield we were pulled over for a RBT. That was a worry as I’d just had wine for lunch a couple of hours ago. But all was well and I was given the all clear. Phew….


Another walk to add to Restless Jo’s expanding group of World-Wide walkers.

Another art gallery to visit then it will be time to head back home.




  1. Glad to know I’m in good company with the ‘get it wrong brigade’, Pauline. Made me smile. I appear to have a natural tendency to go the wrong way. Mick says it’s because I don’t look where I’m going but just at my surrounds. Well, why not? And I love following water- or even the lack of it. 🙂 🙂 That Sean must be a tough cookie! I enjoyed your company, as always.

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    • The wine was a crisp white, I am not a wine connoisseur so asked the maître de (?) to choose. It was described as “a Marsanne with an acid backbone and fruit character and a rich and flavoursome mouthfeel” so how about that!!! I have to admit it didn’t taste much different to the $5 bottle I get at home… 🥂


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  3. Pity about the lunch. We find that too; the more that’s “offered” the more it seems to disappoint. I was quite excited reading the description of Jack’s lunch. I could imagine the flavours and how I’d make it 😀

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  4. I was just about to ask how it got that funny name. Bean Creek flows through the farm as well as the neighborhood where I work now. No one knows where that name came from either. Have you ever heard of Round River? It flows round and round in a circle without ever getting anywhere. It is from American folklore. It is supposedly in Wisconsin, but some Canadians think it is in Quebec north of Maine.

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  5. Even less water in the creek now. When my daughter first returned here from Townsville without a penny to her name she used to take a frying pan, sausages and a book along Quart Pot and cook Saturday lunch amongst the boulders. I’m off to a winery for lunch tomorrow or Sunday. I fancy the Singing Lake café at Robert Channon wines but I can’t seem to get a straight answer about opening times. It looks as if you chose wisely.

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  6. A quart pot was used to boil the water for tea over a camp fire. I believe someone found an abandoned one, then referred to the creek as “Quart pot”.

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