Goodbye WPC…


This is the most difficult WPC of all. First because it is the last one and I will sadly miss the weekly challenge. And secondly because when looking through the hundreds of photos they bring back so many memories, all good, that it is hard to choose which “favourite photo”  I will put in this post. So these few are not favourite photos for their photographic excellence, but because of the memories they bring back and why I started blogging.leaving home feb 2010 004_3264x2448

The reason I started “gypsy life”  blog in 2010, was to document our trip around Australia. So I’ve chosen this photo of the moment we left home in Matilda, who was to be our home, transport and companion for a year and taking us 37000 kilometres all over Australia.

Mic & Wendy 001_3264x2448

We met so many people, some fleetingly in camp grounds and freedom camping spots, sharing happy hours and camp fires, together then moving on. Others we got to know better as we couch surfed and Wwoofed staying longer to cement  friendships. We stayed 2 weeks with Mick and Wendy WWOOFing on their fascinating seahorse breeding sanctuary.


Mic & Wendy 042_3264x2448

This is the sunset that Mick, Wendy, Jack and I, in the above photo, were celebrating. I could fill pages with the sunsets we saw and the different places and people we shared them with. But this one at Kalbari on the West Coast of Australia is the one I will never forget. It was one of those moments when the world seems to stand still and I was in awe of the beauty of nature.

Having a blog is a great way to keep a record of events as they happen, people and places that can so easily fade from my memory. A constant record that I can look back on to revive the many moments that, over time, can be forgotten. Then along came WordPress photo challenge. What a great way to use the prompts and themes to look back and find photos to fit the challenge each week. I decided to start a second blog “Memories are made of this” (to see more WPC click on the link).

Now I guess you can say I am in the “third age” of blogging. My “gypsy life” and “memories” blogs have both been retired. In 2017 I did stop blogging for a year, but I missed the camaraderie of the blogging community, the likes and comments and how a whole year slipped by with no record to jog my memory of activities and places visited. So I started another blog “retired from gypsy life”.    

The recent challenge of the weekly photo theme was to tie it in with what was currently happening in my world. I will miss the anticipation of clicking on to the Daily Post each Thursday, then spending the next day or two thinking about what I will post for the theme. So “goodbye” to an institution and weekly routine, you will be missed…


  1. A loving and beautifully written GoodBye, Pauline. But I hope we will not lose each other now! Love your garden and sketching and – memories and thoughts. And Jack and his projects! And – that sunset on the west coast, I truly understand is unforgettable. Glorious. Nature’s wonder. Old friends can be glorious as well. That year with Matilda must be so precious to have blogged about – and to go back and read.

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  2. I agree Pauline that was a remarkable sun set over the ocean with an unusual cloud format that covered the whole sky. Also so secluded except for the four of us no one for miles.
    Still it was hard for you to choose we had so many wonderful experiences. 😎💖U.

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  3. It’s too bad the weekly photo challenge has come to an end! I haven’t participated much in several years, but it was fun when I was really into it. It will just be up to us bloggers to create our own themes and challenges. I know you have so many happy memories of your trip around Australia. I really do hope to get there one of these days!

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    • Since I came back at the beginning of the year I used the WPC as a prompt to fit in with what I was currently doing. Your current group of challenges fits in well with that and I plan to occasionally link with them, as previously I used it as a look back in time sort of challenge. My present blog has changed to my current affairs, trying to not be sucked into random challenges. Hard to resist though…


      • Pauline, these challenges are too easy to get sucked into. I started assembling roofs for the square roof challenge, and then I thought, No! I need to stay focused on my goals. Anything can be a distraction if we let it be. Every blogger has his/her own goals, so whatever fits with what we’re already doing is good, I think. If it doesn’t fit, then it’s best, in my book, to steer clear. Otherwise, you end up sacrificing your own goals. It is hard to resist, though, I agree. 🙂

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        • When I had gypsy life going I did a lot of challenges and posted every day, sometimes even twice a day! But then I didn’t have much spare time for anything else. So that’s when I went cold turkey to follow other interests. Now I’m trying to keep more of a balance, so no challenges except when they fit in with my programme. I agree sometimes hard to resist


          • Having a balance is good, Pauline. I’ve never been one to post every day; twice a week is plenty for me! I don’t want to be tied to my desk all the time. It is hard to resist some of these challenges though.

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  4. I understand leaving the WPC but hopefullly you will keep on blogging. I just met you and was looking forward to following your site no matter what it is you do here. Perhaps you can sort out something to keep your site going.

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    • Thank you Renee for the vote of confidence. Yes I will still definitely keep blogging, I do lots of other posts as well as the WPC but I used to really enjoy the challenge of a random theme, got the brain cells ticking!!!

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      • I understand that. I had strokes in 2015 and then open heart surgery and my brain seemed to simply not be operating in full capacity. So, I began finding ways to challenge it and though it took quite a lot of time I finally feel as though everything is running a bit more smoothly. Take care and look forward to seeing you in new posts.

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  5. What?! I just got here a few months ago. Your blog was one of the first few I found within my first few days. I saw more of Australia than I had ever seen before, and even wrote that weird article about it. Even without Pontiacs, I know it must be an excellent place because it has a Red Center like Oklahoma, and a New England like . . . well, like New England. Wallabies really are not all that scary because they would get eaten by sharks if they tried to swim over here. Well, I know there is more to do than write. Thank you for being here when I was starting out.

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  6. Have you kept in touch with Mick and Wendy? They ended up buying a house in Geraldton after years of house sitting and are now happily renovating it. The sunsets in Geraldton are just as spectacular as Kalbarri too…

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    • No we lost touch when they moved. Say hi to them from us if you see them. Yes I do remember the Geraldton sunsets. Great memories. Hope your eye is coming better


  7. What beautiful memories you have created here Pauline and what a wonderful Year that was too exploring and travelling..
    I never took part in the Daily Post, but I know many who did and who have also said how they will miss it..
    The Sunsets and Sunrises you capture in your part of the world are always amazing..
    And I am pleased you are back in blog land Pauline..

    I may miss many of your posts, as Life and keeping up with Nature and our allotment take priority as it should this time of year especially..

    But when we touch base with each other Pauline, It is always a Joy to be among your company, and see the beauty you share with us..

    So thank you for the trouble you take in presenting your wonderful posts..
    I know there will be many more joys you have yet to bring us..
    Love and Hugs.. Sue ❤

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