Happiness is….

G’day to you all, I’m back again after a very special week spent with my daughter who was visiting from New Zealand.

It made me think what makes me happy. A Sunday afternoon walk along the beach is definitely a happy time. Especially when the sun is shining, the sky is blue and the temperature is in the mid 20’s. Happiness radiates everywhere.

Come with me…

As I left home I stopped to chat to 2 of the neighbours from across the street. They greeted me with happy smiles…

This is the first thing I saw when I reached the beach. I had to go over and talk to them.garden beach walk 071_5184x3888They looked so happy. “What’s happening?” I asked… “It’s my 16th birthday and my friends have surprised me” the happy birthday girl said.garden beach walk 069_5184x3888

What a beautiful spread. I walked away with a smile on my face.garden beach walk 072_4284x3277Then the afternoon light on these She Oaks stopped me in my tracks to try to capture the way they seemed to drip with iridescent emeralds and diamonds, gently swaying in the slight breeze. I walked down onto the beach and it was a magical afternoon.garden beach walk 117_5184x3888 garden beach walk 128_5184x3888

A perfect surf break made the surfers flock here.

This couple was in a world of their own. The joy of being together had this young woman dancing to the sound of their own music.



This couple are all smiles as they play fetch with their canine companion.

garden beach walk 142_5184x3888Look at the hill in front of the apartments on Burleigh Headland. Can you see all the small dots? They are people, hundreds of them, the park is crowded as it catches the last of the afternoon sun.garden beach walk 160_4089x3089As I walk past the viewing  platform on my way to see why so many people are here today, I notice this just married couple. This should be their happiest day, but they look a bit worried. I wonder if they have a problem. Maybe the photographer has not turned up!

But these people will be happy dining at this brilliant restaurant. Dining almost in the ocean. In fact during storms it is often under the ocean.garden beach walk 157_5184x3888This is a cheaper way to enjoy a meal.garden beach walk 177_5184x3888Many groups are enjoying a get together and a picnic on a superb Sunday afternoon. While the soft sound from this guitar player drifts through the air.

garden beach walk 173_5184x3888


I start to notice how many people are using their mobile phones.

garden beach walk 185_5184x3888Having a complete stranger take a group photo for you will make these young girls happy and when they send it on to friends and family they will be happy too.

garden beach walk 196_3888x5184garden beach walk 189_5184x3888

This is what they are all looking at.

garden beach walk 159_5184x3888garden beach walk 183_5184x3888

A soft, gentle sunset. A young boy playing among the rocks, and the surfers catching the last of the evening light and waves.

garden beach walk 209_5184x3888

Time to head home and as I walk back I notice the bride and friends heading for their reception at the surf club.garden beach walk 211_5184x3888But that is not all because as I pass under the Norfolk Pines planted along the beach front I can hear the hundreds, maybe even thousands, of Lorikeets as they come in to roost. It happens every night and the noise is deafening. I captured a short video to share this “happy”? ( at least to the lorikeets) noise with you.



Every 1st and 3rd Thursday Cathy at “Wander Essence” has a “photography invitation” when she invites you to share a photography essay on a place or subject. I think it would be appropriate to join in this week with this post on “happiness”


  1. this is masterful and truly one of my favorite posts of yours and one of my favs in a long while.
    The way you bookended things with the she oaks and the cityscape and seeing the bride again – and the people throughout the post with just enough words.
    this was a humanities post, P.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. You live in paradise all right, Pauline. What I liked most were the photos of those gorgeous 16 year old girls with the picnic for their friend. Such happy smiles and a pretty table setting.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You captured some beautiful images Pauline.. I love to People watch, and happiness is all around us when we take a moment to look deeper behind the smiles as you have done.. And each picture you took told its own amazing story..
    You finished your post off perfectly with those wonderful sounds of those birds Lorikeets coming in to roost 🙂 Nothing better than bird song at the beginning and the end of the day 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow, Pauline. You really captured so many happy (and some worried or engaged with their phones!) people. The lorikeets sound very happy indeed. And that sunset is beautiful, like you said, so soft — almost like melted butter. I love that 16th birthday party spread too. What a happy walk. I’ll link this to my photo post this Thursday. Thanks for the link!

    Liked by 1 person

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