Swan song…

Winter is here and the sun is setting at 5pm. But what a setting…sunset swans leaves 030_5184x3888Coming home from shopping we had to stop to watch and photograph this beautiful sunset. This is the next lake along from our usual Pelican Lakesunset swans leaves 037_5184x3888Two other people armed with phone cameras joined us.sunset swans leaves 043_5184x3888Then in the distance a group of swans came paddling frantically over to see if we had any offerings for them.sunset swans leaves 046_5184x3888They look like cygnets just getting their adult plumage. They were quite aggressive, pecking at Jack’s feet when he had nothing to offer them.sunset swans leaves 049_5184x3888I think they are used to having hand-outs. Sorry guys’ we’ll bring something next time.sunset swans leaves 057_5184x3888So,  along with some ducks, they paddle off into the sunset.


  1. The one thing I really hate about winter is that early descent into nightfall. At the moment the sun sets at 2130 and I like it like that. Up at 0530 it hardly gets time to be dark. I agree that winter sunsets are some compensation.

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  2. Good bye to another wonderful day of ‘living in paradise.’
    Thank you for reminding every one to be mindful of sunsets and sunrises and all the other magic moments in between that are easily over looked in our busy lives.🙏🏻😎

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  3. Casuarina trees! They grow out in the oilfield region of the southern San Joaquin valley, where not much else will grow. They are seriously tough! That is the foliage to the left in the second picture.

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