5 minutes in another part of the garden : Part 4…

Periodically I am going to show you just one small corner of the garden. I will spend 5 minutes photographing it.

Now I will show you, slowly, around a section of the front garden. blues corner (15 of 15)_7570x2560 In “Part 3” of the garden ramble we came through the gate on the left hand side of the above photo. So now turn left, this is what we call “the blues corner” (that name will become clearer shortly) blues corner (3 of 15)_4000x3000A brick path wanders through the centre of this border, along the northern fence line of our garden. It is rather rustic and rambling, mind you don’t trip. Here are gathered many of my favourite variegated leaf plants.

blues corner (4 of 15)_4000x3000The compost bin lurks along here turning all the garden rubbish and household scraps  into rich, life-giving compost to spread goodness back into the soil.

blues corner (13 of 15)_4000x3000

This is another view of this corner looking from the front of the border. Can you see the bench tucked away at the back of this section of the garden? Come over and have a rest. Join all these quirky little people who Jack made.blues corner (9 of 15)_4000x3000

If you like the sound of blues and rock ‘n roll the Blues Band and Village People will keep you entertained. Or maybe Elvis serenading his fans is more to your liking.

blues corner (12 of 15)_4000x3000

If you enlarge the above photo you may be able to read what I have written along the top of the bench. “Take a seat, relax, and let the joy of the world catch up to you”. This is why we call it “the Serenity Seat”. You can sit here for a while and look out at the rest of the garden. I’ll join you and we can have a cuppa or a glass of wine, depending on what the time is.

Another seat beckons in the centre of the garden under the Golden cane Palms. But this is an area having a HUGE make-over. I will show you this next time.


I am inspired to do this by Desleyjane and her “5 minute regular random” challenge…

  • choose a subject or a scene
  • spend five minutes photographing it – no more!
  • try to not interfere with the subject, instead see it from many angles, look through something at it, change the light that’s hitting it
  • have fun! (sure did!)
  • tag your post #regularrandom and ping back to this post 



  1. What a very lovely garden, Pauline. So much variation in leaf shape, size and colour and all looking as if it is meant to be there from its own choice. And the Serenity Seat to resort to. A happy place all round.

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  2. Lovely idea with five minutes – that short time gives you the opportunity to ponder about your garden (or anything you choose to photograph) and get new ideas and maybe appreciate it even more. you have a lovely garden indeed. Love the idea with benches – we do not have any…Might be because our garden mainly contains bushes and trees – not many flowers.

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  3. I enjoyed walking around another part of your garden with you Pauline. In the photo after the compost one, you have an interesting plant- purplish leaves with white pom-poms. What is that?

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    • I really have no idea what it is Jane. It is like a weed, comes up all over the garden, thrives in all conditions. I rather like it but have to be ruthless to keep it under control. I cut it back heavily or pull it out and let it fill in odd spots around the place. It could easily take over. It is a great contrast to the mainly green foliage in my garden. I think I will take it to Bunnings to see if they can identify it for me


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