Wonder : #2


iphone pc 047

The cloud formations promise an evening show of beauty as the sun slowly dips toward the western horizon. I pause on my evening walk and wait on the banks of Pelican Lake in anticipation of what is unfolding on high. iphone pc 064

As I wait I’m surrounded by a squadron of ducks that have frantically paddled over in the hope that I have a handout for them. They are joined by two local magpies then 3 seagulls join the expectant avian crowd, making me feel empty-handed and guilty.iphone pc 059

But now the show has started the clouds flush a soft golden-yellow that slowly deepens to apricot and the lake is tinged with copper. The wonder of the setting sun is a miracle of changing colours. I only have my iPhone with me and the battery is low, but for the first time I use the phone camera to take shot after shot. The eucalyptus trees dangle their branches attractively in front with dainty leaves in silhouette as a foreground to the dramatic darkening sky, the distant trees and houses  become dark shapes on the horizon. iphone pc 067

Then my phone dies.

With the light slowly fading I head home, only a 5 minute walk away. As I sit on the back deck with a glass of wine to watch the final moments of this magical show the sun disappears and throws up a final spectacular display. The after glow turning to vermillion red shot through with deep purple, a wondrous blaze of glory.

dragon fruit corner sunset 050

Sunsets, like childhood, are viewed with wonder

not just because they are beautiful

but because they are fleeting.

~Richard Paul Evans.


This is a second post linked to the new photo challenge. Lens-artist photo challenge. The theme this week is “wonder”.


  1. Incredible images and poetical writting Pauline. Thanks for sharing.

    Sunset on the lake – Jude kyrie

    Sunset on the lake
    Sunset On The Lake
    Down beyond the woodland
    The magic setting golden sun
    On the still lakes shining waters
    its glowing corona hung

    Magenta clouds spread like curtains
    as they passed the lighted sky
    I could almost hear them rustle
    as the daylight bid goodbye

    The gentle whispered breezes
    in the pine trees by the shore
    Sang a song of nature’s anthem
    I would remember for evermore

    A hanging reverent silence
    That no creature dared to break
    In each soul made a painting
    Of that sunset on the lake.

    In beauty so transcending
    As the water lapped my feet
    Spoke beauty in a language
    That I had no need to speak

    Then under the cloak of evening
    Played a softened lullaby
    Sleepy splashing of the wavelets
    with a dreamy darkened sky.

    If I lived forever
    This vision will awake.
    Memory will leave me never
    Of that sunset on the lake

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    • I have just been given an iPhone 5 from our son, upgraded from a very ancient iPhone 4 and these were the first photos I had taken with it. I usually carry my camera with me. So as you say Tina, the best camera is the one you have with you


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