Len’s Artist Photo Challenge : Time to relax…

It’s the weekend and time to relax. The sun is shining and family and friends gather in groups to share food, fun and laughter. garden beach walk 176_5184x3888As the day draws to a close and the sun starts to set a silence settles over the crowds. garden beach walk 173_3072x2540A young woman quietly strums her guitar. On the distant horizon the iconic outline of Surfers Paradise is bathed in a golden glow. garden beach walk 183_5184x3888 2

On my way home I pass Pelican Lake and notice this young man totally relaxed and meditating…beach painter sunset 037_3923x3153I hope your weekend was this peaceful.


I’m joining the Len’s Artist Photography Challenge


  • Lens-Artists Photo Challenges are published every Saturday at 12 noon EST by one of our moderators. Post your reply any time before the next challenge is announced.

  • Tag your post with lens-artists  so others can easily find it in the WordPress Reader.

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Week 1 – Patti of https://pilotfishblog.com/

Week 2 – Ann-Christine aka Leya of https://lagottocattleya.wordpress.com/

Week 3 – Amy of https://shareandconnect.wordpress.com/

Week 4 – Tina of https://travelsandtrifles.wordpress.com/


  1. I can see why Jack wouldn’t want to leave. 🙂 🙂 Those sunsets are a treat! Saturday we were at an open air brass festival in Durham, so not exactly peaceful! Very high energy performances, and a great day out. More subdued on Sunday…

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