What a clever boy…

Every day this Grey Butcherbird visits for his daily hand-out. Sometimes turning up 2 or 3 times.palm pruning 021_5184x3888He is a native to Australia and a meat eater. Notice his wicked looking beak? When he catches his prey, insects, small lizards or similar, he will hook his prey into the fork of a tree and use that beak to tear his feed apart. But with us he is very gentle. palm pruning 027_4687x3412He will sit on Jack’s knee and wait politely to be handed his tiny pieces of mince.

This morning he had something to show us. He flew in and landing on the back of the chair he seemed to say “look at me, what a clever boy I am”. Rather like the cats who bring home their kill to show their owner.grevillea butcher bird 012_3061x2299After he had shown us what he had caught, it was one gulp and it had gone. grevillea butcher bird 010 close upI hope he catches more of these big grasshoppers they can cause devastation in the garden.

I found this video on you tube so you can hear their sometimes melodious, sometimes raucousย song.


  1. Or showing Jack and you what he’d like next time. Clever Boy indeed! How cool he’s coming to visit and eats from your hand!

    He reminds me a bit of our Loggerhead Shrike who eviscerates it’s prey and hangs the entrails from branches to snack on later.

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