Changing Seasons : July 2018

Technically June, July and August are the winter months “Down Under”. So that means July is mid-winter. That is almost unbelievable to my English mind as the sun shines down from a clear blue sky day after day and the temperatures are a mild 20C to 24C. Surely the perfect weather on the planet. The only concession being the cooler nights when, cuddled under blankets and dooner, I can get a good nights sleep.

But spring is in the air… grevillea butcher bird 006_4000x3000This is the Moonlight Grevillea that grows beside the back deck. At the beginning of the month it had just started shooting out the intriguing shaped flower spikes.

Here it is yesterday… grevillias 002_4000x3000

Now the tree is bursting into exuberant growth. A sure sign of the changing seasons.


Su Leslie of “Zimmerbitch” is hosting a monthly challenge “changing seasons” were she invites you to share the changing seasons in your part of the world, or something that means July Pop over to see the rules of this monthly challenge.



    • You must be pleased to have had rain recently too Jo, we could do with some now. Will you have a garden when you move to the Algave? I’m wondering how hot our summer will be this year…


  1. What a lovely tree, the Grevillea! Your photos make me want one immediately! So very intricate spikes and curls. And I agree with Tina – how I would love some cool nights!

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    • I love these trees. They come in all sizes from ground overs, small shrubs to large trees and almost every colour you can think of, plus they are so easy care. I’m loving also getting good night sleep in the cooler weather. Will all change in a few months though

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  2. I bet that beauty would grow here. I’ve learned both our locations share the same Mediterranean climate.
    It’s funny to think of this climate as Mediterranean, but that what’s they say at the Arboretum not far from me where they’ve got a gorgeous Australian garden.

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    • We are actually classed as sub-tropical. We have wet humid summers, and dry, cool winters with no frosts. A lovely climate, especially now. But there probably would be a grevillea suitable for your area as they grow all over Australia

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  3. I love winter in Queensland, beautiful days and cool nights. I am not a summer person, at least not with our long, hot and humid summers, Spring and Autumn are more to my liking. Your Grevillea looks great, we have the same one and it has been growing beautifully for about 5 years but it looks dead now and I’ve no idea why.

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    • Sorry to hear about your grevillea. Ours is about 20 years old and it gets a very hard prune about every 3 years. I find summer humidity very trying, especially when it is hard to get a decent nights sleep

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      • Perhaps not pruning it was the problem, we really only removed the flowers once they had finished blooming. The humidity is revolting in summer, my hubby talks of moving further north every now and then but I could not stand it.

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        • I have just recently learnt that grevillea like to be pruned and I prune mine quite hard now in winter to stop them going leggy. Humidity is hard, but I put up with it because about 9 months are beautiful. But I certainly could not live any further north. Where do you live?

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