Reminiscent of a scene from an Alfred Hitchcock movie

seagulls 005Late afternoon as I walk along the beach front I see, what seemed like to my fertile imagination, these tourists being terrorized by the seagulls. Reminding me of that Alfred Hitchcock horror movie “The birds”.

Meanwhile, with a cool wind blowing from the snow fields down south and the temperatures plummeting to approx. 19C (!), one brave soul was going for a swim. Maybe he was escaping from the birds…seagulls 018


  1. Have you read the book? By Daphne du Maurier. Living here with the crows and magpies, I often think of it. Especially when occasionally one will come right up to my window and tap its beak on the pane as if to say, “I’m watching you…”

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  2. You know Alfred Hitchcock?! He lived part time here in Scott’s Valley! A friend of mine still drives his old Ranchero! ‘The Birds’ was filmed up north in Bodega Bay in Marin County. Parts of ‘Vertigo’ were filmed locally, including scenery on Highway 9 between Boulder Creek and Saratoga. I think of him a s local character more than someone who would be known in Australia.
    Do you know what would be scarier than ‘the Birds’? . . . ‘the WALLABIES’!

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