Lens-Artist Photo Challenge : Action

cutting comp 2

The Quarter horse is a very intelligent creature. It was bred to work with cattle in the days when cowboys ruled the range in America and the Australian equivalent were known as stockmen. The men were tough and resilient and they had a hard life, they relied on their horses who were bred for intelligence, courage, toughness and stamina and would be agile and quick-moving. cutting comp 1

Now-a-days they hold rodeos to show the skill of modern day cowboys and part of the rodeo is the cutting competition were the horse and rider had to cut one cow away from the rest of the herd, then hold it away for a certain amount of time. Of course the cow was frantic to get back to its mates and it was the job of the horse to follow its every move to keep it separate. To show the intelligence of the horse the rider must drop the reins and allow the horse to do all the manoeuvring unaided. cutting comp3The action is fast and furious and it is a thrilling sport to watch.

This week Patti is setting our photo challenge and she has chosen “action”. A very broad ranging subject with lots of possibilities.


  1. My school did not have the greatest football team, but was known for their rodeo teams. Bull riding was the event that most young men wanted to brag about, but some of us thought it was for those who lacked the discipline to participate with a team. My colleagues asked me to be on the roping team but I am no athlete. I do not like sports much.

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