Lens-Artist photo challenge : Change…

The seasons bring constant and beautiful change in the garden and I can watch this change in the “Moonlight” Grevillea that grows at eye level from the back deck. grevillia seeds birds (1 of 5)_4000x3000Way back in July, mid-winter over here, It started to send out the curious, curly flower buds. Slowly they opened to reveal the intricate shape of the flower head.grevillia seeds birds (3 of 5)_3000x4000It drips with nectar and the birds love it. The colourful Rainbow Lorikeet is a joy to watch. They arrive in groups and squabble and squawk as they hustle to find the best flower.

grevillia seeds birds (5 of 5)_2696x2509

The Noisy Miner is a constant visitor and flocks of them dominates the garden, aggressively chasing away all other birds. He has a wicked looking eye.

grevillia seeds birds (4 of 5)_4000x3000

It is a pleasure to sit on the deck, with our cuppa or glass of wine, and watch the constant display of nature.

It is now mid-spring and the flowers have changed to seeds. rosella (3 of 4)_2991x3248

rosella (4 of 4)_5184x3888

I took these photos this morning from the deck as the rain poured down. It has been torrential rain for days and the garden is squelchy and soggy. But I welcome the rain as very soon it will be summer and the blazing sun will quickly dry the ground again.

Then last week I was delighted and happy to see the Pale headed Rosella arrive for a feed. How cute he looked as he daintily clutched the seeds in his claw and nibbled at them.

rosella 2 (1 of 2)I haven’t seen this beautiful native parrot around for years. He is a very nervous and shy bird and I carefully and quietly took a photo through the window. rosella 2 (2 of 2)But he saw me and with a flutter he flew away. I hope he comes back again.

Amy gives us this weeks photo challenge “change”.


It has been a while since I joined the photo challenge, or did any blogging, but finally I have sorted the Broken Hill road trip photos into some semblance of order. So I will take you on a trip outback soon…



  1. Fascinating! I love the many varieties of grevilleas. I assume only a small fraction of your grevilleas are available to buy here in NZ. As you’d know, the bright rosellas are present in parts of NZ but I’d never even heard of the Pale headed Rosella – thanks for the intro!

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    • There are so many species of Grevillea I’m sure many of them are available in NZ. I was so pleased to see the rosella back. They used to be regular visitors about 10 years ago, but the noisy miners had chased them away

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  2. The birds and flowers in your garden are truly spectacular, Pauline. I was about to send a query through your contact form to see if you were okay, but I knew how much was involved in sorting holiday snaps. Welcome back and I look forward to future posts. Regards. Tracy.

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  3. I’m happy to see you back Pauline. I suspected you might be organising some posts about your recent trip. These photos are just beautiful. I have never seen a pale headed Rosella. How lucky you are to have one in your garden.

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    • We used to have so many native birds in the garden when we first moved in here. Back then, 20 years ago, there were no noisy miners. So it was so good to see one come back.


  4. Yes, it has been a coon’s age! Australians are talking about spring now. It is funny. I like to be the last to talk about autumn here, but somehow, it arrived here as quickly as it arrived elsewhere, complete with autumn color and everything.

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