Palace Hotel Broken Hill : Just for fun…

palace hotel (1 of 7)_3508x4677This sign stopped me in my tracks. I had to smile and then go inside the Palace Hotel. This is an iconic building and possibly one of the best known in Broken Hill. palace hotel (7 of 7)_4701x3888

“The building was erected as a coffee palace in 1889 at a cost of £12, 190 pounds. The Temperance Movement (a group that believes in non-licensed venues for the community) commissioned the build; They had a vision of a place for fine dining and coffee. Setting it apart from the licensed hotels that were abundant in broken hill.

The architect was Alfred Dunn from Melbourne; he had successfully won a competition to design the hotel. The build was unprofitable as a coffee palace and ultimately became a licensed hotel in 1892.”

Walking through the front entrance this is an amazing sight and the camera goes into over-drive. palace hotel (2 of 7)_5184x3888

palace hotel (4 of 7)_3888x5184

palace hotel (6 of 7) mural 2

These information boards told the story of the stiletto and murals. Owing to the poor light they are not too clear, but the story they tell is interesting…

palace hotel (3 of 7)_5184x3888

palace hotel (6 of 7) mural 1

palace hotel (5 of 7)_3736x2813

The hotel played a starring role in the 1994 Australian film, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

So just for fun I am going to give you a YouTube clip from the movie.

Of course we went in for a meal one evening.

Photo from the restaurant web-site. Check the menu, I forgot to take a photo.

Thanks Patti for the inspiration Lens-Artists photo challenge : Just for fun.


  1. My biggest BH regret? I didn’t doll up and go to the “Priscilla” premiere! However, I did watch a footie team on a progressive dinner fundraiser leap out of their bus near the sculptures in drag. I was involved in a writing camp with high school students at the time.

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