The magic continues…

The sculptures were a magnificent achievement that will be part of the fabric and history of Broken Hill forever. But it is also the stories of the artists that captured my imagination…sculptures (18 of 25)_4000x3000sculptures (17 of 25)_3000x4000I can feel the longing in the outstretched neck of this bird created in stone. What a sad ending for this Tiwi Artist. Another thing I wondered about was how all these individual artists, from all over the world, heard about the symposium and came to be together at this time and in this place. I feel it may have been serendipity. sculptures 2 (6 of 20)_4000x3000sculptures 2 (7 of 20)_2696x3685

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars. Og Mandino
sculptures (22 of 25)_3390x2523sculptures (23 of 25)_3610x2746sculptures (19 of 25)_4000x3000sculptures 2 (2 of 20)_3450x2450sculptures 2 (4 of 20)_3069x2196sculptures (25 of 25)_3636x2543sculptures (16 of 25)_4000x3000

sculptures 2 (18 of 20)_2727x3496

sculptures (15 of 25)_2528x3255I will finish with this sculpture as to me it encapsulates the spirit and camaraderie of this whole experience. Trying to capture the meaning for him of nature and interpreting it into the sandstone. The soaring eagle and then needing the help of friends to complete his vision and placing the symbolic hands into the sculpture.

But the sculpture symposium is only a part of what is a major cultural art hub there’s even more galleries than pubs in Broken Hill. So next I will show you some of these galleries, including the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery, opened in 1904 and the oldest regional gallery in New South Wales


  1. Oh the upcoming gallery post sounds good – and this post was a nice treat! I was logging off and checked the reader real quick like and here it was- and the scale of the sculptures was really felt – nice jib with your pictures

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  2. Oh, those wallabies are EVERYWHERE! They are surely intent on world domination.
    That last sculpture looks surprisingly American, perhaps because the primary artist was Mexican. The color and the landscape make it so distinctly Australian.

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    • It certainly is a place that stimulates the artistic side of a person. So much diversity from the architecture to the scenery and, of course, all the varied artists. Hope all is well down your way. Getting hotter up here.


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