Happiness is….

“Happiness is…” a great Lens-Artist photo challenge this week. I like to be positive and look on the happy side of life, so to choose just one made me happy just thinking of the possibilities.

Then yesterday, on a hot and sticky Sunday, Jack offered to cook lunch. That really made me happy. The thought of sitting outside, away from the hot kitchen, waiting to be waited on. Fantastic.

And he made one of my favourites, mushroom omelette… lunch (2 of 5)_4852x3639Almost the “naked chef” in his happy pants and a big smile. Then he joined me outside on the back deck, catching the breezes and with a glass of wine. Notice he has dressed for dinner…lunch (4 of 5)_5184x3888Looking down onto our garden, which, of course, is another thing that makes me happy. lunch (3 of 5)_4809x3607

Thanks Leya for a great theme. One that makes us aware of the beauty and goodness in the world.

lunch (5 of 5)_5184x3888


  1. I must say this is what most of us would be very happy getting…food cooked, served outdoors, a handsome and considerate man and a beautiful garden. What more is there to ask for? Just lovely, Pauline!
    Don’t forget to tell Jack there is no need for photoshop…♥

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  2. It is always so much better when someone else cooks. I love that for I have been the one cooking so much in my life. Perhaps that is why I like to go out once in awhile to get a bite. Looks delicious as I am sure it must have been.


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